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At floralbeautyspot, we do our best to offer incredible beauty tips and personal care ideas. We focus on products, natural care remedies and take both concepts to a new level by sharing how the two work together. Our articles are detailed, informative and based on well researched content. Our DIY tips bring together everyday use ingredients that are easy to find. Kindly check out some of our articles.

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Blackstrap Molasses for Grey Hair

February 2nd, 2021|Hair|

Blackstrap molasses is one among the four types of molasses that are produced from the process of sugarcane refining and clarification. It is also known as type C or treacle depending on the country of origin. Unlike regular molasses,

Tea Seeds and Tea Seed Oil for Beauty

February 2nd, 2021|Hair, Skin|

I first learnt about tea seeds and tea seed oil when conducting a research concerning the use of rice water for hair. The Red Yao women who are widely credited for the rice water remedy use tea seeds as

10 ways to Use Coconut Oil for Hair

September 5th, 2020|Hair|

The use of coconut oil for hair is a common habit among naturalists. This can be attributed to the general popularity of the product and the benefits associated with it. Ideally, coconut is good for both hair and skin.

Tamanu Oil Benefits for Hair, Skin and Nails

August 31st, 2020|Hair, Skin|

A common mistake in naturalists’ pursuit for beauty is the tendency to overemphasize on hyped products. This limits the ability to explore the existence of other products that have the potential for similar or unmatched strengths. Certainly, this is

10 DIY Avocado Hair Masks for Natural Hair

August 21st, 2020|Hair|

Avocado is one of my favorite hair products. It is rich in nutrients and minerals that are essential for strong, shinny and smooth hair. The fruit is commercially and substantially used to make hair oil and skin products but

The hair and Skin Uses of Pomelo Fruit

August 19th, 2020|Hair, Skin|

Pomelo is a tropical fruit that originated from China. Today it is widely spread out in some parts of Asia with countries such as Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and India bragging substantial production. The fruit belongs to the Rutaceae family

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