Types of Jewelry organizers

Whether you have a few accessories that you wear time and time again, or a large collection that can take an entire day to sort through, a jewelry organizer comes in handy. Just like clothes, it is important to store jewelry in an organized manner. Besides giving your room a new look, organized accessories remain neat and are less likely to tangle, knot or break.

It also becomes much easier to separate your favorite collection from pieces that you do not wear. Some organizers take the process to a whole new level by providing spaces for similar and matching items to be grouped together for easier access.

Jewelry organizers come in all styles, shapes and sizes. The diversity is primarily influenced by factors such as purpose, placement, material and cost.

Hanging Jewelry Organizers

Hanging jewelry organizers are probably the simplest of all the types we have discussed in our list. They range from simple wooden pieces that feature multiple hooks to single and double-sided fabric holders, and elaborate wall-mounted and over the door organizers. All these are mostly made of fabric, wooden and metallic materials and they can accommodate all kinds of jewelry depending on the size and design. The main advantages of hanging organizers is flexibility and space. They can be hanged anywhere in a room and moved from one place to another conveniently. They are highly spacious and those that feature hooks, loops, pockets, compartments and drawers can accommodate all types of accessories.

  • Fabric non-woven hanging organizers: These are very simple storage bags that feature multiple pockets, hoops and loops. They are mostly made of sturdy material and the upper section features a heavy duty hanger. Since they are mostly double-sided, the pockets are fitted on one side and loops and hooks on the other side. In most cases, the pocket compartments are zipped and made of a transparent PVC material. The zips protect jewelry from getting lost especially when travelling since these organizers are foldable. The transparent material provides a clear view of the accessories inside each pocket. Fabric jewelry holders are the cheapest, can store all types of accessories and most manufacturers provide them in multiple colors. They are also an excellent choice for travelling. Despite these advantages, they are not the most attractive and are best hanged in the closet.
  • Wall-mounted hanging jewelry organizers: These are several steps ahead of fabric organizers both in terms of style, design and overall outlook. They range from oversimplified and obvious designs to heavy duty and highly decorative pieces. They are mostly made of wooden and metallic materials or both. The simplest designs feature hooks for accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings whereas more elaborate designs also provide mini shelves and others spaces for extras such as nail polish, rings, stud earrings, and face and body creams. Some wall-mounted organizers are lockable and can easily pass for décor items. Other interesting features that can be found in these organizers include built-in mirrors, extra stylish and polished exterior, and double door designs. Space, exquisite and stylish appearance, durability, easy installation, clean display, present-ability and price are the main advantages of these organizers. They can be easily mounted anywhere in the house using nails and screws and provide a clear display that does not appear distracting or overcrowded. Wall-mounted organizers are highly presentable both in the house and as gift ideas. The prices are fair and affordable but vary significantly based on factors such as the design and the size of an organizer. The only disadvantage is that some can be delicate and imperfect.
  • Over the door organizers: These are the best that you can find in the category of hanging jewelry organizers. Overall, the design is top-notch, elegant and luxurious. It does not matter whether you can wear your jewelry without repeating a single accessory in a year- most of these can provide more than enough space for the entire collection. Some of the most interesting features that you can find in these organizers include multiple hooks and loops, shelves, drawers, pocket-like storage spaces, full-length frontal mirror, LED lights and a lockable door. With such diverse storage spaces, over the door jewelry organizers allow users to arrange all their accessories inside without creating clutter issues. Shelves are excellent for storing moisturizers, body sprays and polishes whereas drawers can be used to store watches and other critical essentials. The frontal mirror serves the function of a dressing mirror. The LED lights provides a clear view of the things that are inside the organizer. Lastly, the lockable design provides security especially when living with several people in a room. Poor craftsmanship and bulkiness are some of the disadvantages that can be associated with these organizers.

Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry boxes are anything from small and simple gift boxes to lockable cabinet like organizers. The most common types include custom, gift, embroidered, vintage, Bombay, Chinese and children jewelry boxes. They are the most common type of jewelry organizers because they feature the most diverse and flexible designs. A standard jewelry box has multiple compartments and loops where different kinds of accessories can be arranged or hanged. The compartments are characterized by different designs to accommodate a wide range of jewelry. Jewelry gift boxes are small have no compartments.

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