The 10 Best Booty Belts Reviewed

Everybody sees your curves before they see your compassionate heart and big personality. However, this does not necessarily mean that a women’s beauty solely lies in a voluptuous figure. In fact, every woman is beautiful regardless the shape and size of her hips, booty and breasts. But after all is said and done, there is nothing wrong with being a shapely goddess.

Sometimes though, perfect curves come with extra effort. You have to do some squats, sidekicks, fire hydrants, and become pickier with the foods you consume.  All these exercises burn like fire and when done incorrectly and inconsistently, the results get delayed (Trust me because I do these and more at least three times a week). On the other hand, dieting requires the discipline of a soldier (I know this because I cheat every now and then). The beauty of it is that we are living at a time where a variety of devices have been invented to spice up booty, glutes, and the entire lower body exercises. From hip circles to cellulite massage balls and the hailed booty belt, achieving results has become easier, faster, and almost certain.

Personally I have had my share of struggles with cellulite in the thighs and butt, and overall flabby lower body. I have tried an array of exercises targeting the lower body (glutes, hamstrings, etc.) with and without a booty belt and sometimes a hip circle and achieved better results with these devices. Therefore, this article not only encourages you to try them but also provides a detailed review of the 10 best booty belts that you can find in the market and detailed information on how to incorporate then in your fitness routine. Check the table below for the summarized overview and the section below it for detailed information.

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BOOTY BOOSTER: Glute Exercise Equipment for Brazilian Butt Lift. Booty Workout System Includes Bikini Fitness Guide, Travel Bag and 3 Premium Tushy Toners by KURV The workout system features, 3 tushy toner bands, a travel bag, and a home fitness guide, tested for quality by Bereau Veritas, designed for both men and women, can be used to achieve different levels of fitness, compact and lightweight design, made of breathable fabric, the booty strap has adjustable anchor loop attachments
WearBands Multi-use 5-band Resistance Bands Training and Exercise System for Sports, Fitness, Rehab, Conditioning, Weight Loss, Home and Travel Fitness Available in multiple sizes, customizable by shoes size and body height, suitable for both men and women, designed for use in both sports and fitness, for use with or without shoes
Airmoon Butt Lift Workout Band Kit, Booty Band Set to Lift Glutes Muscles, Booty Belt System for Glutes Muscle Workout. Includes Adjustable Waist Belt, Pull Rope, Butt Ruler, Carry Bag and an exercise guide Can be adjusted to fit different waist sizes, padded waist bands that are easy to adjust, thick neoprene pads for each foot strap, the set features one booty band, a pull rope, an exercise guide book, a tape measure, and a carry bag
Authentic BootyCo Booty Belt Workout Band Program- Targeted Booty Workout to Lift, Sculpt & Tone the Booty- It’s a Brazilian Butt Lift Booty Band System! Includes Workout Book & Gym Bag. The kit features a booty band, carry bag, booty band exercise guide, and a digital format of the exercise guide, the band in one size that fits all, designed for women, constructed with high quality material
Core Fitness USA The Booty Band Set - Power Butt Exercise for a Bikini Butt and Abs. Booty Belt System for Glutes Muscle Workout. Includes Adjustable Waist Belt, 3 Mini Loop Bands, Carry Bag and a Full Exercise Guide Adjustable waist belt designed for waist sizes ranging from 23-46 inches, targets five muscles at ago, the set features a booty band, 3 mini loop bands, a bag, and an exercise and nutrition guide, suitable for women
Premium Resistance Workout Booty Band By Equilibrium Spot | Multi-Purpose Fitness Training Loop For Women | Massage Ball & Gym Bag | Brazilian Butt & Sculpted Legs | Strength, Muscle Gain & Endurance Designed for women, constructed with soft, elastic material, the booty workout system features 2 fitness e-books, one booty band, 3 spiky massage ball, 2 equilibrium gym bags, and online nutrition guides
ecoZenLifestyle The Booty Belt System - Three Adjustable Levels of Resistance | Ideal Band for Lift & Tone Your Perfect Butt | Fast Visible Result from Daily Short Exercise Adjustable waist band with two loop rings, fitted with load bearing stitched connections, made of durable non-snap latex, adjustable to three different levels, sweat resistant material, the booty belt fitness system features a booty belt and an exercise guide
SweetBody Fitness Accessories Booty Belt Kit - Butt Resistance Exercise Band | Set of 2 Loop Thick Hip, Leg, Glute Bands with Carry Bag Made of soft elastic material, the set features two hip bands, and a carry bag, one-size-fits all design, highly stretchable material, lightweight design, available in pink color
Bodliness Booty Belt System - Tone Firm and Lift Butt - Burn Glute Muscle, Shape Booty and Lower Body - Resistance Exercise Training Band Available in black, made of thick, soft, and sweat resistant latex, lightweight, adjustable sizing to fit different waist sizes, comes with a detailed exercise book
Deeva Fit Booty Belt Resistance Workout Band for Women. Tone Your Legs, Glutes, and Thighs! Best Brazilian Butt Lift System + Exercise Guide & Online Videos This Brazilian butt lift system features an exercise guide and online workout videos, a carry bag, and one booty band, provided in one size that fits all, available in pink color, lightweight
Vexletics Booty Resistance Band Belt for Powerful Fitness Butt Workout And Used For Jumping, Sprinting , Agility Training And Comes With Bundle The booty resistant band belt comes with a support mat and a carrying bag, available in black color, fully adjustable to fit different waist sizes, lightweight and compact design
Booty Kit Belt Resistance Training Band Workout System- Targeted Program to Build, Tone & Sculpt a Brazilian Butt Lift. Strong Band works Glutes & Gets Results- Workout Guide & Gym Bag The kit comes with one booty band, a workout eBook, and a carrying bag, the band is designed with stretchable material to work with individuals of different sizes, available in light yellow color
BiuStyle Booty Belt System-Booty Belt Workout Bands And Brazilian Butt Lift,Burn Glute Muscle, Shape Booty and Lower Body,The Booty Belt For Women And Man Made of high quality sweat resistant latex, lightweight and compact, adjustable to fit waists ranging from 30 to 57 inches, suitable for individuals between 5’5” and 6’1”, the set comes with one waist band, two elastic strings, a mesh carrying bag , and two adjustable ankle bands

Booty Booster Glute Exercise Equipment

Booty booster by KRUV is a firm favorite and an incredible solution to flat booty and undefined curves problems. From my experience, when used appropriately, this belt can help you achieve the booty of your dreams in no time. Most importantly, the manufacturer adds a bit of zing to the deal by providing the belt as part of a fitness kit that includes a home glute training guide, 3 tushy toner booty bands, and a travel bag. The belt and the toner belts work together to reward you with a sexy behind. Overall, the belt is suitable for both men and women, and it can be used for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of fitness. Users should exchange the tushy toner resistance bands depending on the level of challenge that they want to experience when training.

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The training manual demonstrates how the belt and the entire kit should be used. It also covers a set of exercises that should be done with the belt for faster and excellent results. Generally, the quality of the belt and the accessories is excellent. According to the manufacturer’s information, they have been tested for durability and strength by Bureau Veritas. This is a globally recognized certification institution.  The material used is of high quality, lightweight, highly stretchable, compact, and breathable. The anchor loops are cushioned with thick foam pads to protect the neoprene.

Overall there are so many things that you can achieve with this booty band. Firstly, it is an easy way out to firm and lift glute muscles. From medius to minimus, and maximus, the belt targets them by allowing you to engage in moves and poses that not only burn, but also lead to improved strength and stamina. This belt also helps with toning the hips and thighs to achieve a perfectly rounded booty.

  • Strengths

    • The booty booster strap is adjustable
    • The belt comes with a collection of accessories and a carry bag
    • 12 months product warranty
    • Great quality
    • Versatile (can be used to achieve different levels of fitness)
    • Compact and portable
    • Lightweight design
    • An easy to understand user manual is provided
  • Weaknesses

    • Relatively expensive

WearBands Multi-use 5-band Resistance Exercise System

Whether you are looking for a booty belt for sports, conditioning, home training, or travelling, the Wearbands multi-use 5-band booty system can help you around with these and more. The system comes in different sizes for both men and women. The sizes are rated as ‘sock and bands’ with the term ‘sock’ representing the shoe size and ‘bands’ representing the height range of potential users. As for individuals near the cut-off height, selecting the next tier up system provides less resistance during action and the opposite is true for a next tier down choice. Selecting the perfect size allows users to experience the desired resistance.

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All in all the set comes complete with two socks, a belt, a rear belt attachment, and a total of 24 color coded bands. The bands are designed to achieve 6 resistance levels where a set of four belts is used at each level. Two go to the front section and the remaining two to the rear. The outstanding design of this belt makes it quite different from other booty systems provided in this list. Accordingly, its usefulness goes beyond booty shaping. It is an excellent choice if you want extra fitness and sports benefits. The system blends well with a wide range of workout moves. You only need to put it on and select your favorite moves to target resistant areas such as the inner thighs, and belly fat. It can also be useful during cardio. It adds more resistance and control.

  • Strengths

    • Unique and effective design
    • Great for overall body fitness
    • Available in a wide range of sizes
    • The system can be used to achieve 6 different levels of resistance
    • Very Versatile
  • Weaknesses

    • The system does not come with a user manual
    • Relatively pricy

Authentic BootyCo Booty Belt Workout Band

BootyCo booty band is famous for an array of good reasons. It is the booty belt that Kate Hudson endorsed some time back and by just looking at her banging body, it is clear that it delivers. BootyCo booty band comes as part of a butt lifting system that contains the booty belt, BootyCo workout guide, and a BootyCo dustbag. It is specifically designed for women and made of thick, durable, and stretchable material for increased comfort and durability. Since it is a one size fits all belt, women of all sizes and heights can use it comfortably and confidently. Its design offers powerful resistance thereby targeting the glutes and other parts of the lower body to reward women with incredible results.

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BootyCo 30 days exercise guide is comprehensive with a wide range of booty band exercises and moves that lead to fast booty sculpting and lifting. These exercises can also be regarded as an instruction manual for using the belt correctly. They burn fats and engage the right muscles that making results visible in the shortest time possible. As part of the workout guide, buyers also access a booty nutrition eguide that shows the right foods to accompany with the perky booty exercises. This eguide is fundamental especially if you are looking forward to shedding some weight. The exercise good and the belt come packed in the BootyCo dustbag.

  • Strengths

    • Good quality and effective booty band
    • The manufacturers provide exercise and nutrition guides
    • 12 months warranty
    • Good shoulder bag for travelling and going to the gym
    • Lightweight and compact design
    • Easy to use
  • Weaknesses

    • Offers one resistance level only
    • Some users have experienced quality and sizing issues

Airmoon Butt Lift Workout Band Kit

This one-size-fits-all booty belt has some interesting features that make it worthwhile. It features a simple yet effective design and most importantly, it comes with several other goodies to spice up your user experience. These accessories include a butt ruler, a carry bag, a pull rope, and an exercise track book. The butt ruler is very important for measuring progress. It allows users to track progress easily and keenly. The exercise book facilitates your training experience by allowing you to record and compare results over time. The function of the pull rope is to enhance and increase resistance during different forms of exercises. Lastly, the carry bag comes in handy especially when travelling are exercising away from home. This is where users pack all the accessories for easy transportation and security.

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Airmoon booty band features a thick adjustable waist belt. It is fitted with a Velcro that adjusts well to fit different waist sizes. Its inner and outer sections are wrapped with a high quality fabric that protects the skin from injury. On the lower section, it has two attachment sections where two loop bands are clipped on. The rear bands are made of soft and highly stretchable material that provides excellent resistance. They are fitted with heel bands and padded foot straps at the bottom section. The heel bands hold on to the heels to keep the belt in position whereas the padded foot straps provide comfort.

  • Strengths

    • Good quality and effective belt
    • Quite affordable
    • The belt comes with incredible accessories (carry bag, stretch band, etc.)
    • One size fits all design
    • Compact and portable
  • Weaknesses

    • Some users have experienced fitting problems (they find the booty band smaller than expected)
    • The belt does not come with a user manual

Core Fitness USA Booty Band Set

Core Fitness USA kit is designed for glute muscles, the entire lower body, and the abs. The kit is made up of a booty band waist belt with loop bands, a black carry pouch, 2-levels mini loop bands, a printed workout guide, and a nutrition guide pdf. All these resources have almost everything you need to get a perky rounded booty. The waist belt features an adjustable design but it specifically fits individuals with waist sizes ranging from 23 inches to 46 inches. The waist band is padded with thick, soft material to provide extra comfort and protect the waist line from injury. The loop bands section is made of high quality, stretchable material that allows users to make controlled moves without compromising resistance.

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The three mini loop bands should be used to add resistance to exercises. They are excellent for toning and firming the lower body. The exercise guide contains various workout moves that guide users on how to utilize the belt and derive maximum benefits. The nutrition pdf provides a guide on suitable foods and recipes that should be combined with exercises to boost effectiveness. Overall, this is a set that can yield decent results when used properly.

  • Strengths

    • Awesome exercise and dieting guides
    • The booty belt comes with 3 extra loop bands and a carry bag
    • Good quality belt
    • The belt can be adjusted to fit individuals with different waist lines
    • Lightweight and portable belt
    • Easy to use
  • Weaknesses

    • Some users have experienced fitting and comfort issues
    • Does not work so well with tall individuals
    • The booty belt offers one resistance level only

Resistance Workout Booty Band by Equilibrium Spot

This is one of the cheapest yet effective booty belts that you can find in the market today. Most interestingly it comes with a gym bag, a massage ball, and two ebooks-one is a workout manual and the other one provides guidance on proper nutrition. The booty belt is flexible, stretchable, and easy to use. It can fit in a wide range of exercises that target the glutes and hamstrings. Besides aiding with strength and endurance development, it sculpts the booty and legs by burning out fats and facilitating muscle gain. Lastly, it can also be used for arms, abs, and stretching exercises.

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The massage ball comes in handy after a tough workout session. It has firm spikes that trigger deep tissue once pressed against a specific part of the body. This helps with pain relief and increased blood circulation. The exercise guide provides the necessary details on how to use the kit and the best exercises to incorporate in your routine exercises.

  • Strengths

    • Lightweight, compact and portable kit
    • A massage ball for pain and tension relief is provided
    • The kit comes with a good gym bag for travelling
    • Nutrition and exercise guides have been provided to help users achieve their target goal faster
    • Very affordable
  • Weaknesses

    • Provides one resistance level only

The Booty Belt System by ecoZenLifestyle

The most fascinating thing about the ecoZenLifestyle belt is its elaborate design features. The manufacturers are keen on specific design features to ensure that users are rewarded with a great experience. The waist band of the belt is adjustable with two loop rings. One loop ring is for individuals with waists ranging between 10 and 13 inches and the other loop ring is for waist lines between 31 and 47 inches.  The back section of the waist belt has a load bearing strengthening connection point. The bottom of this section has two forged D ring connections where two durable resistance bands should be attached. These bands are adjustable to three resistance levels so that individuals of different heights and body strength can experience maximum benefits. Overall, the belt is thick and enhanced with neoprene to increase comfort. Furthermore, the materials used are soft and sweat-resistant.

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This belt can be used for sports, fitness, and body shaping.  It does not limit speed, strength and agility during sports training. It only makes things a bit spicy by taking challenges and competitiveness to a whole new level. When the belt is used for fitness, the level of challenge goes up thereby making the body burn more calories by 25%. As for body shaping, it is very easy to get your calves and thighs toned up in a month when you use the band correctly and religiously.

  • Strengths

    • The belt can be adjusted to fit different waist sizes
    • Three resistance levels
    • Versatile belt
    • High quality design
    • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Weaknesses

    • The belt does not come with an exercise guide
    • The resistance bands are too long for short individuals

SweetBody Fitness Accessories Booty Belt Kit

Sweetbooty Fitness gets you covered with a super simple yet effective resistance booty band that also helps with toning and firming other parts of the body. The band come in a kit that provides two of them and a carry bag. Constructed with superior quality material, the band is highly elastic with strong resistance, yet comfortable and easy to use. The ends are textured and soft for easy and comfortable grip. As a body shaper, this band is designed to target the maximus, minimus, and medius butt muscles for firming, lifting, and strengthening.  It also helps with weight shedding in the thighs and waist line.

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Generally, Sweeetbooty Fitness kit is very convenient. With two lightweight and compact bands, you can exercise from anywhere confidently. You do not need to go to a gym and when travelling, the carry bag keeps everything under tight security. The bands are designed as one size fits all. This means that the set you buy can be used by everyone else in your house.

  • Strengths

    • The set comes with two resistance bands
    • Lightweight, compact, and portable
    • Great quality
    • Powerful resistance
    • Easy to use
    • Very versatile
  • Weaknesses

    • One resistance level
    • This is more of a resistance band rather than a butt lift equipment

Deeva Fit Booty Belt Resistance Workout Band

Specifically designed for women, Deeva Fit booty belt for glute muscles, thighs, and legs comes as part of a kit that consists of the booty band, an exercise guide, a collection of online videos, and a carry pouch bag. The band is constructed with strong elastic material to increase efficiency during workouts. It is thick to prevent pinching and enhance comfort during pulling. The printed workout guide provides essential instructions on how to use the belt from week to week for advanced results. It further highlights the links to the video guides.

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This durable set qualifies to be in our list because of its incredible features that make it a performer. It can lift, tone, firm, and refine the entire lower body in a very short period. It is very easy to use at home or when travelling.

  • Strengths

    • Strong resistance
    • Good quality and durable materials
    • Comes with an instruction guide and exercise videos
    • Compact, lightweight, and portable
    • Flexible
  • Weaknesses

    • One resistance level only

Vexletics Booty Resistance Band Belt

Vexletics booty bundle comes as set of three items that include a support mat, a carrying bad, and a booty resistant band belt. The support mat is for protecting knees from bruising and other forms of injury during exercises. It can fit in the carrying bag easily. It is important to note that this is the only brand that comes with this unique accessory. Vexletics booty belt features a black waist belt and two purple resistant bands. The belt is fully adjustable to a wide range of waist sizes.

Considering the design and quality of this belt, buyers pay less for more. The manufacturers have emphasized on factors such as comfort, flexibility, and extra, value. This booty blast is lightweight and compact and therefore, it can be used from anywhere.

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  • Strengths

    • Lightweight and compact
    • Comes with a knee exercise mat
    • Fully adjustable (one size fits all)
    • Easy to use
    • Very affordable
    • Good quality
  • Weaknesses

    • Some users have experienced comfort issues

Booty Kit Training Band Workout System

Advertised an easy route to Brazilian butt lift, Booty Kit resistance belt comes with two other accessories to assist you in your butt training program. The accessories include a workout and meal guide ebook, and an active wear bag. The band is made of strong resistance level material that is thick and durable. The ends are textured and extra grippy for comfort reasons. The butt training program contains information and videos that are fully developed by women to help women. This means that the knowledge revolves around the needs of women when it comes to butt training and overall body fitness. The exercises are scheduled for four weeks. At least at the end of the last week, it is possible to notice significant changes. Generally, there is so much that a serious person can achieve with this kit. It provides women with a chance to introduce positive changes in their body daily.  With the draw string carry bag, it is easy to carry and use this kit anywhere.

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  • Strengths

    • Good quality belt and bag
    • Awesome training guide
    • Easy to use
    • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Weaknesses

    • Provides one resistance level only
    • Some users complain that the resistance of the band does not meet expectations

BiuStyle Booty Belt System

BuiStyle workout booty band is designed for both men and women. Its elaborate design features three parts that include a waist belt, two resistance bands, and two adjustable ankle bands. The bands are made of superior quality thick and soft latex material. In addition, it is breathable and sweat-resistant. The waist belt can be adjusted to fit wastes ranging between 30 and 47 inches. The resistance bands are suitable for individuals between 165 cm and 186 cm height. According to the manufacturers’ information, if you are taller than 185 cm this product cannot suit you.

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  • Strengths

    • Adjustable belt design
    • Constructed with high quality material
    • Can be used for fitness and sports
    • Suitable for both men and women
    • Lightweight and portable
  • Weaknesses

    • One resistance level only
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