Everybody is beautiful with or without imperfections but as Wesley Ruggles once said, “a figure with curves always offers a lot of interesting angles.” Gorgeous curves come with a well packaged fitness routine. Fitness is extremely important – you try to eat well, make sure that you get enough exercise, and manage your stress levels. Is it going to be enough, though? Unfortunately, probably not. According to nutrition expert Josh Wardini, we all have different requirements when it comes to the vitamins and micro-nutrients that we need in order to perform at optimal levels. And it can be difficult to get enough of the nutrients that you need solely from your diet, especially if you are on a strenuous training program.

First off, it’s worth stating that supplements are just that – supplements to your existing diet, and not a replacement for it. In other words, you should try to focus on having a high quality diet first, and then think about adding supplements to it. Fortunately, with the existence of meal delivery services these days, prepping a healthy meal can be almost as easy as taking a supplement. You get all the ingredients delivered to your doorstep, along with an easy-to-follow recipe and your meal can be done in less than half an hour.

supplement your fitness routine

However, if you feel that you need to enhance your diet in any way that cannot be done through natural means, it’s perfectly alright and it makes sense to turn to artificial supplements. If you are trying to build muscle, for example, you need a lot more protein than a “normal” person. That means eating more meat products or relying on a protein supplement.

If, on the other hand, your aim is more at losing weight, you might want to look into supplements that help you to regulate your blood sugar and beat cravings that you might suffer from. Someone who is training for a long distance run, on the other hand, will need to up her carb intake to ensure she can finish the distance.

Before you choose your ideal supplement, it is important to understand what your goals are. What do you want to achieve from the training? Then you can go ahead and choose the right performance enhancing supplement for you.But do start with a good multivitamin first. For most of us, eating the range of foods that provide the full range of vitamins that we need is tough. There are foods that you might exclude because you don’t enjoy them, for example.

Fish is a good example here – if you are not eating at least one to two servings of fish a week, you are going to have to look into getting an Omega-3 supplement. Sometimes we don’t eat enough of the right foods, and sometimes the problem is that the right foods don’t contain all the nutrition we need anyway.

Modern farming methods and the cold chain cycle may negatively impact the nutritional value of the food we eat. And so, we take supplements. Should they be treated as replacements for a good diet? No, if so, they would be called replacements. You can never be completely healthy without paying attention to your diet. Food naturally has combinations of vitamins and other healthful properties that we cannot quite yet completely replicate.

Your food also contains the elements in the exact right quantities to enhance absorption. Add in the fibre you get from real food and it is not long before we realize that there are many benefits to eating real food. How do you strike a happy medium? Start off with the multivitamin, as mentioned earlier. Then take a look at the infographic below and see if you can see any signs that you are deficient in certain vitamins. Check the basic minimum requirements also listed on this vitamins-world infographic and check that the multi-vitamin supplement has you covered. If not, you might need to consider an extra supplement for those vitamins that you are particularly deficient in.

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