If you are a natural hair enthusiast, you have probably heard about the all-hailed Sunny Isle Jamaican Black castor oil. It is among the first products that I discovered in natural hair groups when I began my natural hair journey back in mid-2016.

Of course it is not the only brand that receives praises. Product lines such as Wild Growth hair oil, As I Am moisturizing and hydrating creams, and a range of coconut and shea butter brands also compete for the attention of many naturalists.

As it is common habit with most beginners, I hopped from one brand to another with the hope of finding the perfect product combination for my hair. Although this was mostly a shortcoming for my hair journey, the many months of blood, sweat and tears were fruitful. Primarily, I was able to categorize products into three main groups.

The first category is for products that are a no-go-zone for my 4C. The second category comprises of those that left me in a whirlwind of emotions whereas the third, swept me off my feet. Let me begin by discussing the first category. Bearing in mind that natural hair comes in all textures and curl-patterns, it would be completely unfair to blame brands entirely for my problems.

When it comes to product types though, I can boldly say that coconut oil does not work for my hair. I tried some of the best brands but the results were a complete disappointment. That does not take away its God given goodness. I have witnessed it work miracles for many naturalists out there.

As for the products that left me with mixed feelings, I cannot truly point out the problem.  There could be multiple factors. From my hair, to hair routine, product combination and the product themselves, it is just hard to tell. At first they seemed to work but after sometime I become discontented with the results.

Now, to the last and most important category, these products set off the pace for my hair journey. They loved my hair and it loved them right back. One of them is Wild Growth Hair Oil and a whole collection from Sunny Isle.

This company produces a wide range of products that are suitable for African hair. Personally I only use five of them and the results have been incredible. These include hydrating and detangling Shampoo, extreme hydrating and detangling Conditioner, intensive repair masque, Extra Dark Jamaican castor oil and Jamaican black caster pure butter.

Extreme Hydrating and Detangling Shampoo

Specifically known as Extra Dark Jamaican Black Castor Extreme Hydrating and Detangling Shampoo, this product is designed for washing all hair types. Its main ingredients are Jamaican Black Castor seeds oil, wheat protein, panthenol and water.

The company instructions direct that it should applied no wet hair, lathered, and rinsed off immediately. They also state that it is gentle and rich in humectants and other agents that condition, strengthen and lead to increased hair volume. Other benefits that you should expect include scalp and hair nourishment, improved hair texture, reduced scalp itchiness and improved hair appearance and shine.

Considering that shampooing is a fundamental step in natural hair care regimen, many would question whether this product lives to the hype. Ideally, my first encounter with it was accidental. Nobody had recommended it to me, and I did not know of anyone using it.  I was purchasing black castor oil online and saw it in the recommendations section. It was easy for me to get convinced because of my previous experience with Sunny Isle and friendly pricing.