People come and go but some remain etched in the memories of generations forever. Although a 1950s and early 60s iconic figure, Marilyn Monroe is widely remembered for her talent, beauty and charming personality. Having originated from an extremely humble background, the lady defied all odds to become one of the most celebrated icons of all times.

Marilyn was both a subject of fame and controversy. Whereas her talent and whole personality found favor with many, there was also the notion that her success was primarily founded on sexuality. Both sides of the story have found their way into the existing accounts of her life.

Still within the bounds of perceptions, Marilyn was the epitome of beauty and her sense of fashion was ahead of her times. She had a well-rounded figure and her signature platinum blond hairstyle was a worthwhile beauty statement. She is mostly seen in red lipstick, arc shaped eyebrows, and it is not uncommon to see many wonder women recreate her entire look today.

Besides here appearance, Monroe had a lot to say about beauty. Most of her quotes ooze wisdom that is supposed to make women of all shapes, sizes and colors see beyond the established standards of beauty. Some of the most important topics that she addressed include aging, self image, body weight, Hollywood beauty standards, plastic surgery, fashion, makeup and men’s perceptions of women’s beauty.

It is encouraging to see a woman with the level of her beauty and achievements demystify superficial views of beauty and emphasize on the importance of self-worth, inner beauty and positive image of the self, the ability to embrace imperfections, personal confidence, and self care. Below are some of the best Marilyn Monroe beauty quotes.

Marilyn Monroe Beauty Quotes

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