There are seven types of breasts. When I say 7, I mean types of female breasts. Boobs are part of a woman’s femininity and pride. Their protruding nature and attractiveness add up to her total image. Besides keeping her esteem high, they keep men guessing. From the round-shaped to the asymmetrical and the bell-shaped, we uncover every critical detail about a woman’s bosom.

 Round Breasts

These are the type of breasts that appear full from the top to the bottom.  There is no specific part that appears larger than the other. Round boobs are very sexy because of their perfect roundness.  They also have the tendency to maintain their firmness no matter the type of a bra that a woman is wearing.   They are common among young women and during pregnancy when hormonal changes make all types of boobs appear fuller.

Bell-Shaped Boobs

Bell-shaped are the kind of breasts that have a slim appearance at the top and are fuller at the bottom.  Constant use of supportive bras is recommended for women with these type of breasts.  Most of all, they work best with push-up bras especially the ones fitted with an underwire.  Bras that push breasts towards the center are also good for bell-shaped breasts.

Asymmetrical Breasts

Women that fall in these category have one breast larger than the other.  However, in most cases the difference is size is very small such that the imperfection goes unnoticeable.  Surprisingly, a good number of women fall in this category.  Bras with removable pads are the best for asymmetrical breasts especially if the difference in breast size is quite big. To create a balance, the pad is removed from the side with the bigger breast.

Tear Drop Breasts

Tear drop breasts are almost similar to the bell-shaped. They are slimmer at the top and fuller at the bottom. However, they have a more rounded appearance. Bell- shaped boobs can be genetic or a result of breastfeeding. Capped bras that are lined with an underwire provide these breasts with the kind of lift that they need.

East-West Breasts

These are also known as the wide set breasts.  They point outwards from the torso creating a fairly wide gap. In addition, they are fairly firm and only require a bra that draws them to the center thereby creating a cleavage.  If you have this kind of breasts, choose a bra that is firm on the sides. Also, bras secured at the front are excellent for east-west breasts.

Slender Breasts

Slender boobs always look small. They are very slim from the top to the bottom and always leave a wide gap at the top that tends to get narrower towards the bottom. In addition, their nipples point downwards. Padded bras (especially pads positioned on the outer side) are excellent for these breasts because they make them appear fuller. Plunge bras can also work perfectly.

Close Set Boobs

These are breasts that sit close together towards the center. They naturally create a beautiful cleavage when worn with any type of bra.

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