If you’re looking to improve the health of your skin, I recommend you try natural and safe alternatives such as diatomaceous earth (DE) – it’ll remove the microscopic dirt deposits, dead skin cells, and oils. In fact, unknown to most of us, more and more commercial skin care products now contain DE being their main ingredient.

By definition, diatomaceous earth is fossilized algae that’s ground into powder – it’s odorless and looks like talc. However, you must only use food-grade DE for your facial exfoliation process. Food-grade DE, as compared to of others like pool-filter DE, is purified, less abrasive, and finer.

Using Diatomaceous Earth as a Natural Facial Exfoliator

Requirements: Diatomaceous earth, Gauze pads, coconut oil, Measuring spoons plus table Spoon, Glass, Water, and Medical tape.

Step 1:

  • Mix 1 part of DE with 3 parts of water in a shallow bowl and stir thoroughly. However, first sieve the Diatomaceous Earth through gauze pads. NB: add more water if you’re making a facial scrub or alternatively add more DE if you need to make a face mask paste.

Step 2:

  • For facemask – Use the fingers and smear the DE mixture you have prepared over your cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead.
  • For facial scrubs – Use the finger and smoothly scrub your DE mixture over your cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead. Nevertheless, don’t smear mouth or the eyes to avoid irritation.

Step 3:

  • Allow the silica-rich DE mixture, now our facial scrub, about 2 to 5 minutes, to settle and dry. The DE, when applied like an exfoliate and a clay mask (double-duty) will leave your skin feeling tight. You will love the gentle sensation that comes when you’re washing the DE mixture off your skin.

Step 4:

  • Finally, wash you face to thoroughly remove the dried DE mixture. Use a piece of clean cloth plus water. Avoid your mouth and the eyes to prevent irritation.
  • While at it, I would recommend adding essential oils such as lavender plus coconut oil to achieve the best results in your skin.
  • Somehow, DE will enable you to avoid the blemishes and pimples that result from accumulation of particles or dust and sweat.
  • In fact, you might feel like your pores are being treated deep clean after using the DE formula. After washing, your face will feel free of greasiness and amazingly tight.

Step 5:

  • Apply some coconut oil for moisturizing your skin using some warm washcloths. This will help reduce the chance of dry patches appearing on your skin.
  • This will give you a natural shine on the cheeks; it’ll reduce excessive shining on your face while also being a soft as never before.

Anti-aging Capability with Diatomaceous Earth

Most young people want to easily reverse the effects of aging skin such as fine lines and wrinkles – but definitely not using harsh chemical or through expensive injections.

However, silica that’s in the DE is an excellent solution for resolving the effects of ageing on your skin. Well, as most of us know it, Silica when ingested enhances high levels of collagen production. This gives you a youthful, elastic, and plumb skin.

In addition, with DE moisture – created into a facial mask as an anti-aging remedy, you’ll easily maintain a healthy and youthful skin. As noted above, this can be enhanced by using coconut oil to give you a supple and soft skin.

Benefits of DE as a Facial Exfoliator

First things first, what are the benefits of using Diatomaceous Earth like you natural facial exfoliator? It’s a fact that sugar and salt are too abrasive for use in facial exfoliation. Besides, diatomaceous earth can kill fleas on cats.

Diatomaceous earth (the food-grade type), contains anti-fungal properties that’ll detoxify, clan and refresh your skin. DE will also prevent premature skin aging by removing all the dead skin cells. The facial exfoliator will brighten, lighten, and nourish your face. Further, the mineral makes your skin look more radiant and be highly elastic.


DE is a natural ingredient and thus won’t negatively affect the user’s skin. Besides, its anti-oxidant feature will fight the skin’s free radicals to improve your skin’s immunity.

While the Diatomaceous Earth will remove the dead skin cells, you coconut oil will easily moisturize the dry skins.


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