//Best Chest Wrinkle Pads Reviewed: 2018 Picks

Best Chest Wrinkle Pads Reviewed: 2018 Picks

Although we all strive to age like fine wine, we never run away from wrinkles. The lines of life find their way into our bodies during our good and bad moments. You cannot laugh or cry without wrinkling. Whereas they signify good old days, self-love, strength, wisdom and experience, deep wrinkling at an early age can create a different impression. People tend to associate pre-mature wrinkling with misery, poverty, and poor lifestyle. However, there are individuals who have all the treasures of life but wrinkles deny them the privilege of aging gracefully.

Besides the face, the chest is the other body part that can develop embarrassing wrinkles prematurely. Chest wrinkles, also known as decollate wrinkles primarily affect women because of the soft, delicate skin around the cleavage and boob area. Once fully developed, they deny a woman the opportunity of dressing her bosom in a décolletage confidently. Luckily, today we live in a society that has found a variety of solutions to décolletage wrinkles. Wrinkle fighting treatments such as retinol, vitamin E serums and copper peptides are the most common. However, there are other strategies that can be used alone or combined with these treatments to reduce the appearance of chest wrinkles.

Décolleté pads or chest silicone pads are pad-like beauty products specifically designed to reduce the appearance of décolleté wrinkles. High quality decollate pads work effectively alone even though the wrinkle elevation process can be accelerated by combining them with other strategies. For example, the pad can used at night and another décolletage treatment used during the day. As we share with you some of the best approaches for eliminating chest articles, we begin by reviewing the best decollate pads available in the market today and how they are used.

Check the table below for a brief summary

Product Image Features Editor's Rating Buy Here
Anti-Chest Wrinkle Pads by Lobety Designed with medical grade silicon, easy to wash, reusable, designed with high quality material, specifically designed for chest wrinkles treatment
SilcSkin SilcSkin Decollette Pad Designed with soft high quality fabric, waterproof, can be reused for several days, made with silicone
Apricot Beauty & Healthcare Silicon Care Décolleté Pad Designed with medical grade silicone, does not react with sensitive skin, soft fabric, extra-thin design, medically tested, washable
Nurse Hatty - 2 Sets each (6 PACK) - REUSABLE Chest, Forehead & Mouth Anti-aging Anti-wrinkle Silicone Pads Comes with two sets of chest, forehead and mouth ant-wrinkle pads, made with high quality liquid silicon, reusable, waterproof, hypoallergenic
Reejoys - Chest Pad Anti-Wrinkle Silicon Cleavage Skin pad Medically tested, designed with medical grade silicon, reusable, hypoallergenic, embedded with skin moisturizing properties
Anti-Wrinkle Chest Pad By DoSensePro Reusable up to 30 times, hypoallergenic, super comfortable design, made with medical grade silicone
Anti-wrinkle Chest Pad by Decollete Doctor Made with medical grade silicone, free from perfumes and coloring, comes as a set of two, heart-shaped design

Anti-Chest Wrinkle Pads by Lobety

Lobety chest wrinkle pads are definitely amazing and worth every penny. They work effectively to eliminate decollate wrinkles. They are also great for wrinkle prevention. Just one night of using them produces incredible results.  Lobety chest pads can be used any time but they work more effectively at night because they are left in place for many hours. The material is of high quality and very comfortable when the product is in use. It stays in place and comes out easily when removed. Furthermore, it is washable and reusable. The pads come with detailed instructions that provide guidance on how to use, wash and maintain them.  Strict adherence to the instructions makes the pads last up to thirty uses. They are designed with medical grade silicone.  Silicone is commonly used in the medical field to treat scars, wrinkles and burns. The pads are hypoallergenic. Accordingly, they respond well to different skin types.  They do not contain any chemicals or odors that can cause irritation.

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  • Strengths

    • Works effectively as promised by the manufacturer
    • High quality material
    • Reusable and washable
    • Lasts up to 30 uses
    • The pads stays in place throughout the night
  • Weaknesses

    • Relatively pricey

SilcSkin Decollette Pad

SilcSkin anti-wrinkle chest pad is a good pick. The pad is made of soft material that provides users with a comfortable experience. The material is waterproof and does not get wet or greasy because of sweating.  The product is made of medical grade silicone that fights wrinkles and fine lines effectively. In addition, manufacturers have further emphasized on the design by shaping the pad in a way that it can be used under clothing. SilcSkin pad is reusable and should only be thrown away after 30 uses. Avoiding sticking the pad back to the sheet it comes with after every use prevents quality depreciation.

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  • Strengths

    • Works effectively
    • Can be used up to 30 times
    • Good quality
    • Waterproof
  • Weaknesses

    • Users complain that the pad does not stay in place after a few uses
    • The quality diminishes when the product is washed

Apricot Beauty & Healthcare Silicon Care Décolleté Pad 

Another anti-wrinkle chest product that is worth trying is the Apricot Beauty & Healthcare decollate pad. It is great for wrinkles and fine lines elimination. The manufacturers recommend that the pad is used while sleeping. It has an ultra-thin design to ensure that it remains intact all night unnoticeably. It is made of high quality material that does not cause any discomforts. Furthermore the material is durable and can be washed easily with clear water. It is designed with medical grade silicone to provide users with maximum benefits. The pad should last for several weeks or months. It all depends on how frequently one uses it.  Washing can also influence its durability. Lastly, the pad has been dermatologically tested to prevent unexpected reactions with sensitive skin. It is safe for all skin types.

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  • Strengths

    • Good quality
    • Functions effectively
    • Washable and reusable
    • Does not react with skin
    • Ultra-thin design
    • Sticks well to the skin
  • Weaknesses

    • Some users complain that it stops sticking after several uses
    • Relatively expensive

Nurse Hatty – 2 Sets Each

Everything about this pack is great. From the quality to the quantity and performance users get more for less.  Firstly, the set comes packed with chest, forehead and mouth anti-wrinkle pads. Two pads for each category. The products are of high quality to ensure that the target areas are smoothened and significantly improved. They work effectively to correct fine lines and wrinkles. They are recommended for night use so that they can get enough time to perform the magic while the user is sleeping. Nurse Hatty pads are designed with medical grade liquid silicone for improved user experience. They are very comfortable and capable of improving moisture and blood circulation in the skin. It is also important to note that they eliminate all kinds of wrinkles. In addition, they are reusable and water proof. The pads are hypoallergenic and do not contain any chemicals, perfumes, or toxins that can react with the human skin.

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  • Strengths

    • Many products in one pack
    • The products work effectively
    • High quality
    • Waterproof
    • Reusable
  • Weaknesses

    • Should be used severally for wow results

Reejoys – Chest Pad Anti-Wrinkle Silicon Cleavage Skin Pad

Reejoys chest pads are of high quality and they provide users with incredible results. Just like all the pads discussed here, they are made with medical grade silicone to provide users with maximum skin benefits. The pads are well crafted to reduce wrinkles and fine lines caused by age, lifestyle, sunburn, and factors such as sleeping. They are dermatologist friendly and hence do not cause skin reactions. Reejoys pads are reusable. They last up to several weeks with proper maintenance. The pads stay in place throughout the night and they are easy to peel off. Lastly, they are eco-friendly and do not contain any fragrances or chemicals that can lead to skin irritation.

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  • Strengths

    • Reusable and washable
    • Great quality
    • Incredible performance
    • Sticks well to the skin
  • Weaknesses

    • Not very long lasting

Anti-Wrinkle Chest Pad By DoSensePro

This is a top-notch pad that will help you get rid of wrinkles in a snap. It features a simple and super comfortable design. The pad is made of medical grade and hypoallergenic silicone. Accordingly, it is free harmful components that can damage your skin. It is designed to increase blood circulation in the chest area in order to stimulate the process of collagen production. In return, collagen leads to the regeneration of healthy skin cells that reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. This pad should be used on clean and dry skin before bed. Ensure that you do not use moisturizers and creams on your skin. These products affect the adhesion of your pad. When you wake up, peel off the silicone pad gently. This pad can be used during the day but it is important to know that sweat ruins its adhesion. It is reusable and with great maintenance, it can be used up to 30 times.

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  • Strength

    • Reusable up to 30 times
    • Easy to use and comfortable
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Made of medical grade silicone
    • Works as promised
  • Weaknesses

    • Some users have experienced sensitivity issues

Anti-wrinkle Chest Pad by Decollete Doctor

This decollete pad will smoothen out your chest to perfection. It is designed to supply your skin with extra oxygen so that the damage that has occurred over time can be eliminated. The pad is made with medical grade silicone that is free from irritants that cause allergic reactions. Furthermore, the pad is not perfumed or colored. This pad features a heart shaped design to improve effectiveness and comfort. It sits comfortably around the neck area from the upper section of the breasts and protrudes towards the cleavage. Overall, besides eliminating wrinkles, this pad helps with reduction of marks and scars.

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  • Strengths

    • Made of medical grade silicone
    • Free from irritants
    • Does not contain perfumes and colorings
    • Great shape to improve effectiveness
    • Comes as a set of two pads
  • Relatively expensive

Chest Wrinkle Pads and their Functioning

Décolleté pads are anti-wrinkle tools designed to eliminate wrinkles in the decollate area.  They also prevent the formation of new wrinkles. The pads are made with silicone because it offers numerous benefits to the human skin.  Silicone is a generic term that is used to describe a wide range of chemicals that are silicone-based. However, silicone is primarily known as a polymer that is made up of oxygen and silicon (Si-O).

Silicone has been used in skin care products for over fifty years. It all began in 1958 when Revlon released a hand moisturizer referred to as Silicare. The product become famous as a powerful water-repellent. In the following decade, many beauty companies began to use silicone in their skin care and cosmetic products. Specifically, it was use used to improve the antiperspirant ability of products, eliminate antiperspirant salts, and prevent the formation of stains on clothes.

The past few decades have overseen the introduction of silicone in a wide range of skin care products. Today, they are used in almost all kinds of products from moisturizers to exfoliators and makeups. Silicones are linked to strong properties that promote smooth and soft skin. It facilitates the synthesis of collagen. Collagen is a structural protein that works with other connective tissues in the skin to maintain its strength and health.  Silicone activates the hydroxylation enzymes than work with different connective tissues to enhance skin elasticity. Another benefit that is derived by the skin from silicone is the synthesis of glycosaminonglycan.

Since chest wrinkle pads are silicone-based, they carry all the silicone skin benefits.  Once placed on the skin surface, they smoothen out wrinkle lines and depressions. They also provide moisturizing benefits to the skin by drawing moisture to the skin surface.

The Use of Chest Pads Demo

What are Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are lines and depressions that manifest in aging skin. These signs continue to grow deeper with time. The primary source of wrinkles is loose skin. Skin laxity is caused by a variety of factors. For example, aging, and gaining and losing weight are common causes of lose skin. In most cases, the signs of aging begin to manifest at 25. It is the time when fat begins to accumulate in the eyelid thereby beginning to form a look that is common in aged faces. As individuals get into the age bracket of 30-50 years, more signs of aging begin to manifest. For instance, forehead wrinkles and nasolabial folds begin to appear. Almost all signs of aging become more prominent after 50 years.

Wrinkles are grouped into three major categories that include; the deep wrinkles, glyphic, and crinkling wrinkles.  Deep wrinkles are associated with deep and long lines that can take a very long time to eliminate. They are highly resistant to convectional wrinkle treatment remedies.  Glyphic are wrinkles that appear as crisscrossed patterns around the cheeks and neck area. Lastly, crinkling wrinkles are fine lines that result from skin folding. They are primarily caused by aging and excessive sun.

Traditionally, it is believed that wrinkling is caused by aging, sun, genetics and lifestyle. However, there are many other factors that can affect the delicate tissue of human skin. For example facial expressions and gravity play a major role on the chronological development of human skin.

Expression lines: these are lines that result from common expressions such as squinting and frowning.  Expression wrinkles do not form in children but as people get older they begin to become permanent and more prominent.  Unless emotions are eliminated, it is impossible to eliminate these kind of wrinkles.

Tissue shift wrinkles: Gravity has severe effects on the human skin. For example, it affects elasticity. When the human skin becomes loose, it sags downwards. The phenomenon leads to an effect known as tissue shift.

Compression wrinkles: When the human skin is compressed, it forms fine lines. Such lines can become more prominent and permanent with continuous compression.

Analysis of the Common Causes of Wrinkling

Aging and oxidative stress: Aging and oxidative stress accelerate the formation of compressions and lines in human skin. As people age, they begin to develop a variety of health conditions. Some of these conditions include; heart disease, degenerative disorders and metabolic related illnesses. As a result, the performance of the inner body organs and tissues deteriorates. Consequently, various body parts including the skin get damaged. Age also leads to over-exposure in the sun. Excess sun is among the lead factors that contribute to wrinkling.

Lifestyle: Lifestyle is a major cause of wrinkling. It incorporates factors such as diet, drinking and smoking habits, and body activity level. The external body is a manifestation of the inner body. The foods and drinks that people consume influences the appearance of their skin. Poor eating and drinking habits contribute to unhealthy skin. For example, there are foods that lead to acne breakouts.  People who eat foods that are rich in vegetables and fruits tend to have glowing skin. Vegetables contain vitamins and other nutrients that improve the condition of the human skin. Water consumption is the other factor that affects the skin condition. It improves the elasticity of the skin. Exercises are also associated with healthy skin. During exercises, the level of metabolism rises thereby allowing the body to burn more calories. The level of sweating also increases. Toxic substances that can ruin the condition of the skin are eliminated through sweat.

Sun: The ultraviolet rays of the sun can speed up the natural process of aging. They do so by breaking down the collagen and elastin fibers. Consequently, the skin becomes saggy and lose.

 Alcohol and smoking: Excessive consumption of alcohol causes dehydration making the skin excessively dry. The skin requires enough moisture to retain its elasticity and good appearance. Smoking reduces the supply of blood to the skin. Accordingly, the skin does not receive enough nutrients and the process lf metabolism slows down.

Gender: Gender influences wrinkle formation in the skin. Naturally, women tend to develop more wrinkles than men. Furthermore, their wrinkles begin to form earlier. Men have more sweat glands than women and their skin is by far oily. The sweat glands allow them to eliminate more toxins from the body. As for oily skin, it is known for showing more resistance to the causes of aging.

Wrinkle Treatment Remedies

Healthy eating: The appearance of wrinkles can be minimized with healthy eating. Fruits and vegetables are rich in Vitamin E that is essential for healthy skin. Drinking enough water also flashes the toxins that lead to unhealthy skin from the body.

Sunscreen: Sunscreens are used to shield the skin from direct contact with UV rays. In other words, they prevents the breakdown of the skin connective tissues by harsh sun rays.

Skincare routine:  Your skincare routine is a great determinant of appearance of your skin. Skin care practices such as masking, scrubbing, exfoliating and moisturizing are essential for health skin. They provide the skin with nutrients that enhance processes such as metabolism, skin regeneration, rejuvenation, and elimination of toxins.

Treatment with natural herbs and oils: Natural herbs and oils consist of components that enhance skin beauty. For example, natural products such as aloe vera and shea butter contain vitamin E that is very important for the skin.

Cosmetic and medical treatments: Aesthetic medicine for wrinkles consists of procedures such as lasers, fillers, peeling and botulin injections. It is the most effective for eliminating deep resistant lines and depressions.

Moisturizing creams: The market is flooded with a wide range of moisturizers and serums that are rich in properties associated with wrinkle elimination. The most important thing is identifying the right ones.

Keep calm and maintain the glow 😉

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