8 Best Solar Shield Sunglasses Reviewed: 2018 Picks

Solar Shield is the place where you get all types of sunglasses effortlessly. From polarized to clip-and fit over sunglasses, Solar Shield provides these and more in different sizes at very reasonable prices. Furthermore, Solar Shield sunglasses have both lifestyle and fashion functionalities. They improve clarity and allow the users to remain stylish and up to date at the same time.

The popularity of Solar Shield is credited to its protective sunglasses that are sold at relatively lower prices when compared to reputable brands such as Oakley and Wiley X. Its primary aim is to help individuals with eye problems. Accordingly, the company focuses on all areas that require visual aids. Some of the areas it targets include; work environment, sports, driving and reading. The main feature of Solar Shield sunglasses is the fit over functionality. Sunglasses that feature this design can fit perfectly over prescription glasses.

Solar Shield is also known for developing high quality clip on sunglasses. These are glasses that can be clipped on to prescription sunglasses. They improve clarity without interfering with the functioning of the prescription glasses.  Lastly, Solar Shield produces sunglasses with features that enhance sporting, driving and reading experiences. Some of the benefits that can be derived from Solar Shield sunglasses include; comfortable fit, protection from UV radiation, glare filtration and elimination of excess light.

We have done a thorough investigation and identified some of the best Solar Shield glasses for both men and women. We cover different types of glasses to ensure that the needs of different individuals are addressed. The table below summarizes the identified sunglasses that are later discussed in details in the section below it.

ProductImageFeaturesEditor's RatingBuy Here
Solar Shield Thunderbird Polarized Square Sunglasses Feature plastic lenses and frame, polarized lenses, the lenses are available in grey and brown colors, provide UV protection
Solar Shield Sammy Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses Plastic lenses and frame, polarized lenses, fit over sunglasses, the sunglasses feature brown lenses
Solar Shield Polarized Gray Lens Clip On Sunglasses 52 Rec A These clip-on sunglasses are polarized, they provide UV protection, the product features information that helps potential buyers in determining whether the clip-ons are good fit for their prescription sunglasses
3 SOLAR SHIELD Clip-on Polarized Sunglasses Size 52 Rec 5 Brown Full Frame NEW The clip-ons come in three pairs, available in brown color, polarized lenses, size dimensions are provided
Eschenbach Solar Shield Sun Glasses Polarized Gray Filter Small Available in three sizes, fit over sunglasses, polarized lenses, embedded with UV rays filtration properties
Solar Shield Fits-Over SS Polycarbonate II Smoke Sunglasses Fit over sunglasses, polycarbonate lenses, specifically designed for individuals with cataracts, provide UV protection, lightweight design, the lenses are impact resistant
Solar Shields™ - Smoke sunglasses Fit over sunglasses, provide UV protection, excellent for individuals who wear contact lenses, great aids for light sensitive individuals and cataract patients
Solar Shield Yukon Polarized Square Sunglasses Feature plastic frame and lenses, polarized lenses, provide UV protection, fit over sunglasses

Solar Shield Thunderbird Sunglasses

These sunglasses are excellent for driving and all other outdoor activities. Firstly, the Thunderbird model comes in a variety of sizes to ensure that all face sizes are put into consideration. It is important to emphasize on the size when purchasing especially if you intend to wear them over prescription glasses. The design features two lens colors that include amber and smoky grey. They feature a thick plastic frame that sits comfortably around the eye area without sliding. The lenses are polarized to filter glare. In addition, they are made of polycarbonate material because it is safe and durable. Generally, with proper maintenance, these sunglasses can serve users for a long time without getting damaged. Purchase these with confidence if you spend most of your time driving or cycling.

  • Strengths

    • Improve clarity
    • Block glare
    • Provide the fit over functionality
  • Weaknesses

    • Available in two colors only

Solar Shield Sammy Sunglasses

This is another high quality pair of sunglasses that can be worn alone or over regular glasses. It has great features that make it ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities. Sammy sunglasses feature a plastic frame and lenses. The frame is made of tough and durable nylon. The lenses are made of high quality polycarbonate material. Furthermore, they are polarized and coated for improved clarity. Their ability to filter glare and excess light is commendable. Overall, the sunglasses are lightweight and the design provides a comfortable fit.

  • Strengths

    • Filter glare and excess light
    • Great for driving and cycling
    • Can be used over regular sunglasses
  • Weaknesses

    • The manufacturer has not experimented with colors
    • Some users have experienced sizing problems

Solar Shield Clip On Sunglasses 52 Rec A

This is one of the best clip-on sunglasses that Solar Shield provides for its target audience. They feature a simple design that allows them to fit comfortably on regular glasses. The clip-ons are fitted with polarized lenses that are essential for glare reduction and blockage. Furthermore, the lenses are embedded with properties that block out UV radiation. Solar Shield provides a method that potential buyers can use to determine whether the clip-ons are suitable for their regular glasses.

  • Strengths

    • Have the ability to block glare
    • Protect the eyes from UV radiation
    • Lightweight and easy to fit
  • Weaknesses

    • The manufacturer has not provided a variety of colors

3 Solar Shield Clip-on Sunglasses

These clip- on sunglasses come in a set of three at a very reasonable price.  Accordingly, users can turn to the other pairs once the first is damaged. Some of the main features linked to these glasses include polarization and the ability to reduce the effects of UV radiation. They are ideal different types of outdoor activities because they combat reflected light effectively.

  • Strengths

    • Easy to use
    • The set provides three pairs of sunglasses
    • Very cheap
    • Polarized
  • Weaknesses

    • Available in one color only

Eschenbach Solar Shield Sunglasses

These stylish sunglasses are available in three sizes. Depending on the size of your face, you can choose the large, small or medium size. The large size is the most suitable for individuals who intend to wear them over prescription glasses. Eschenbach are made of plastic frame and lenses.  The lenses are polarized to eliminate glare and excess light. The product features a cleaning cloth and protective case. These accessories are crucial for maintenance of the glasses.

  • Strengths

    • Polarized
    • Cute and stylish
    • Cleaning cloth and protective case are included
  • Weaknesses

    • Limited colors

Solar Shield Fits-Over Sunglasses

These sunglasses provide enhanced clarity by blocking out excess light, sun and glare. They are fitted with a thick plastic frame that sits comfortably around the eye area. The frame is made of tough nylon that is resistant to damage. The sunglasses feature polycarbonate lenses that are durable and scratch resistant.  Thy block glare and UV radiation that can cause serious damage to the eyes.  These sunglasses are specifically designed to help individuals with cataracts. Although the frame appears big and thick, the overall design of the sunglasses is lightweight.

  • Strengths

    • Block glare
    • Provide protection from UV rays
    • Excellent for individuals with cataracts
  • Weaknesses

    • Limited color choice

Solar Shields™ – Smoke sunglasses

The quality of these fit over sunglasses is top notch. They are excellent for all kinds of outdoor activities. The sunglasses feature a thick frame design that makes them appear big. The design enhances their functionality as fit overs.  It also offers maximum eye protection by preventing dust and direct light from accessing the eye area. The lenses are polarized to protect the eyes from glare and excess light. In addition, they are coated with properties that prevent UV rays from damaging the eyes. It is important to note that these sunglasses are recommended for individuals suffering from cataracts and light sensitivity. They are also great for contact lenses wearers

  • Strengths

    • Block glare
    • Protect eyes from UV radiation
    • Great for cataract patients, light sensitive individuals and contact lenses wearers
  • Weaknesses

    • The design is not flattering
    • Limited color choice

Solar Shield Yukon Sunglasses

Some of the most interesting features that you can find in these sunglasses include; polarized lenses, strong frame, lightweight design and ability to protect the eyes from excessive light. Both the lenses and the frame are made of high quality plastic materials. The lenses protect the eyes from glare and other forms of sensitive light.  Generally, Yukon sunglasses are good for activities such as driving and cycling.

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