Smelly shoes are not anyone’s cup of tea.  Whenever I came across a pair, it reminds me of the “I smell the smelly smell of something that smells smelly” tongue twister. Smelly shoes are particularly a disaster after a long day of work. That moment when you get into the house accompanied by your husband and remove your high heels only to realize that the odor is not all that bad. Then, he removes his leather shoes and oops! They stink to high heaven. In a snap, the powerful reek finds its way from the sitting room to the rest of the house and all your favorite spots become unbearable for the next 30 minutes or more.

All this can go away by providing extra care for shoes. Proper shoe care goes beyond visual appearance and cleanliness maintenance. Ensuring that shoes are protected from micro-organisms and other factors that accelerate shoe smell is fundamental. The article focuses on how to get rid of shoes odor with the best shoes deodorizers that you can find in the market today. The deodorizers are categorized on the basis the features and the best from each category indicated in the summary below. The shoe deodorizers discussed in the article include; sprays, sneaker balls, insoles, powders, and drying machines

O’DEO Foot spray & Shoe Deodorizer is engineered to provide your shoes and feet with the best experience. It contains well selected organic ingredients that make it the most effective shoe spray available in the market today. The next great alternative is Sof Sole Sneaker Balls. The balls are specially formulated for deodorizing shoes, gym bags, and lockers. They eliminate the toughest odor in no time. The third product is Dr. Scholl’s Odor-X Odor Fighting Insoles. These insoles use activated charcoal and carbon to keep your favorite shoes fresh and clean.  They are also fitted with moisture wicking technology to keep your feet dry and clean. In the powder category, the Palm Beach Naturals FOOT SENSE All Natural Smelly Foot & Shoe Powder will provide you the an outstanding user experience. It is enhanced with anti-bacterial and foot soothing properties. The last top-notch product that you can use to deal with smell shoes and feet is Vivreal Home Boot Dryer – Noiseless Electric Shoe Dryer for Your Shoes. The dryer is specifically designed for moisture-wicking and odor elimination. Interestingly, it works effectively with completely wet shoes. Check the table below for a more detailed summary.

ProductImageFeaturesEditor's RatingBuy Here
O’DEO Foot spray & Shoe Deodorizer Can be used on the feet, shoes and socks, make of bio metals organic compounds, ideal for diabetes patients
Elite Natural Shoe Deodorizer Spray and Foot Odor Eliminator Has a peppermint aroma, enriched with moisturizing properties, rich in anti-bacterial properties, great for dry cracked feet
Rocket Pure Natural Mint Shoe Deodorizer, Foot Deodorant Spray Made with essential oils, can be sprayed on both shoes and feet, contains all natural ingredients, great for energy intensive shoes
Lumi outdoors Natural Shoe Deodorizer Spray and Foot Odor Eliminator Enriched with essential oils for anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, kills odor from both the foot and the shoes, made with natural products only
Doctorcareplus #1 Most Effective Foot & Shoe Deodorant Spray Enriched with essential oils, can be sprayed on shoes and feet, contains natural ingredients only

Best Sneaker Balls Shoe Deodorizers

Sof SoleTie Dye Sneaker Balls, 3 Pair x 1 Pack Used in the shoes and gym bag, the balls have a nice refreshing smell, comes on three pairs, tie and die appearance
Sof Sole Sneaker Balls Shoe, Gym Bag and Locker Deodorizer Designed for shoes, locker, and gym bag, comes in 3 pairs, produces great aroma, made of plastic,
TX3 Sneaker Balls World Cup 2014 Special Edition Shoe/Gym/Sport Freshener Deodorizer Comes as one pair, multi-color, produces a good fresh and clean scent

Best Shoe Deodorizing Inserts and Insoles

Dr. Scholl's Odor-X Odor Fighting Insoles Contains activated charcoal and carbon, designed to keep the feet dry by absorbing sweat, the foam provides comfort and protection, available in packs of 4, 5 and 7
ZEDARNA ORIGINAL Cedar Wood Shoe Insoles Available in different sizes, fitted with cedar wood cotton mix, enhanced with sweaty absorption technology
Household Essentials CedarFresh Natural Shoe Deodorizer ReFresh Cedar Bag Inserts for Shoes and Shoe Racks Contain cedar shavings, produce the natural cedar wood aroma, can be used in bags, drawers and shoes

Foot and Shoe Deodorizing Powder

Palm Beach Naturals FOOT SENSE All Natural Smelly Foot & Shoe Powder Enhanced with bacterial killing properties, contains Zinc Oxide for preventing foot blisters, produces a nice scent
Friendly Foot Shoe Deodorizer and Disinfectant Made of natural ingredients, the powder has pH balancing effects, rich in disinfectant properties
Rocket Pure Natural Lemon Foot and Shoe Deodorizing Powder for Athletes The product has a good scent, made of natural ingredients, free from parabens and chemicals, designed for athletes and individuals who engage in energy intensive activities
Lumi Outdoors Natural Powder Shoe and Foot Odor Eliminator and Deodorizer Made of clays, compounds, and natural ingredients, rich in anti-bacterial properties,

Shoe Deodorizing and Drying Machines

Convenient Timing Fragrant Ultraviolet Sterilization Deodorizing Shoes Socks Dryer Warmer by Youngstore Provides UV sterilization, can be used for all types of shoes, provides time control function, eliminates bacteria
7TECH 1 Pair Shoes-Dryer Electric Deodorant Sterilization Drying Heater with 220V New Function Bacteriostatic technology, eliminates moisture, constant temperature heating
Vivreal Home Boot Dryer - Noiseless Electric Shoe Dryer for Your Shoes Does not make noise, designed to eliminate bacteria and moisture, removable extensions, two years warranty
EEDDRACC Shoe Dryer, Foot Dryer PTC heat generator, fitted with air holes for even distribution of heat, multi-purpose

Spray Shoe Deodorizers

Spray shoe deodorizers are very common and the easy to use.  Most of them can be used on the foot, shoes, socks, and insoles.  In most cases, spray deodorizers are made of natural products that are rich in antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Good quality spay deodorizers fight foot and shoe odor effectively. The effect is also long lasting. The main benefit of spray deodorizers is their ease of use. They only require direct spraying to the shoes or feet. However, each specific product comes with detailed user instructions. The table below summarizes the top five spray deodorizers

O’DEO foot spray & shoe deodorizer

O’DEO spray is definitely one of the best shoe deodorizers that you can find out there. The product has established an outstanding reputation because of its quality performance. It is a natural product made of organic compounds that include; citric acid, silver citrate, water and copper citrate. The ingredients are rich in properties that kill odor causing bacteria. Accordingly, it fights bad shoe and foot odor successfully. The effect of O’DEO spray is long lasting and it can be used on all shoes. Furthermore, the spray is recommended for individuals with allergies and sensitive skin. It can also be used by vegans and diabetes patients.

  • Strengths

    • High quality performance
    • Cruelty free
    • Can be used by people with allergies, sensitive skin and diabetes
    • Does not have a strong aroma
  • Weaknesses

    • It requires patience and consistency for individuals with excessively sweaty foot and stinking shoes

Elite Natural shoe deodorizer spray and foot odor eliminator

Elite shoe spay is a top-notch product that you cannot afford to miss if you are silently suffering with smelly shoes. Its rich composition is capable of eliminating shoe and foot odor in a snap. Furthermore, it moisturizes your feet thereby leaving the skin feeling gentle and smooth. Elite spray is made of 7 essential oils that are rich in anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, moisturizing, astringent, anti-microbial and deodorizing effects. It also contains a variety of herbs and botanicals that are rich in bacteria fighting components. It is good for dry cracked feet because of its rich composition of medicinal herbs. When sprayed to the shoes or feet, it produces a herbal, peppermint aroma.

  • Strengths

    • It has a pleasant aroma
    • Works effectively as promised by the manufacturer
    • Lasts for a long time
  • Weaknesses

    • Some users describe the aroma as very strong
    • The spray works effectively when used consistently

Rocket Pure natural mint shoe deodorizer

Rocket pure shoe deodorizer is an incredible choice for shoe odor removal. It is great for fighting odor in the feet and in all types of shoes. It is made of four natural ingredients that include tea tree, eucalyptus, mint, and thyme.  All these essential oils are rich in anti-fungal, antiseptic, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. They are great for eliminating the bacterial that facilitates foot odor. Furthermore, they produce a nice fragrance that replaces the bad odor in the shoes.

  • Strengths

    • Great for fighting foot odor and the bacteria that causes it
    • Has a nice essential oil aroma
    • It moisturizes the feet
  • Weaknesses

    • Some users believe that it masks the bad odor rather than eliminating it
    • Its smell can be quite strong for some people

Lumi Outdoors natural shoe deodorizer spray

Limu outdoors shoe spray is a great choice for smelly shoes. One of its main benefits is its speedy effectiveness. Immediately, you spray it into your shoes, the old unpleasant smell dies down. Lumi Outdoors spray is made of natural ingredients that include; eucalyptus oil, lemon grass oil, witch hazel, clove leaf oil, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and apple cider vinegar. Antifungal, anti-inflammatory, astringent, antiviral, antiseptic, fungicide, antibacterial, anti-microbial, and deodorizing are some of the medicinal properties associated with these oils. Furthermore, clove, peppermint, and eucalyptus are great for odor removal. Lumi Outdoors spray is easy to use. Firstly, the users are instructed to shake well before use.  It is directly sprayed into the shoes.  For individuals who might not like its essential oils aroma, it is important to spray the shoes at night so that the aroma can fade away throughout the night.  Other uses of the deodorizer include freshening up the bathroom, yoga mat, garbage etc. Besides providing your feet and shoes with fresh odor, this spray fights against disease-causing micro-organisms.

  • Strengths

    • Works effectively to eliminate foot and shoe odor
    • Has a pleasant natural aroma of essential oils
    • Rich in anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties that protect the skin from dangerous infections
    • Has a relatively long-lasting effect
  • Weaknesses

    • Some people do not like the essential oils aroma that the spray leaves behind
    • Its aroma is quite strong

Doctorcareplus #1 most effective foot & shoe deodorant spray

Doctorcareplus shoe spray is a high quality product that leaves the shoes smelling great.  It is a natural product made of natural oils that are rich in anti-bacterial properties. The oils used in the spray are thyme, peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree. Peppermint has a cool refreshing fragrance that is responsible for bad odor removal. It is also a powerful antiseptic and antibacterial. Thyme essential oil is associated with antioxidant, fungicidal, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It is good for the feet because it is a great moisturizer. Thyme has a clean and fresh aroma.  Eucalyptus is a strong antibacterial, disinfectant and anti-fungal. Furthermore, it is associated with odor removal properties. Tea tree is a great ingredient because of its anti-fungal, antiviral, antibacterial and fungicide properties.

  • Strengths

    • Great for foot odor elimination
    • Easy to use
    • Can be used to eliminate odor in other places such as the bathroom and toilet
    • Has a nice fragrance
    • Moisturizes the skin
  • Weaknesses

    • Some users describe the smell as very strong
    • The smell does not last for long hours

Sneaker balls shoe deodorizers

Sneaker balls are small balls that are used to deodorize shoes, lockers and gym bags. They work by eliminating bad odor. For example, once inserted in a shoe, they freshen the scent by replacing the bad smell with their scent. The main items that are used to make sneaker balls include small balls, tea bags that contain things such as baking soda, and other deodorizing agents such as essential oils and herbs. Check the best sneaker balls deodorizers as summarized in the table below.

Tie Dye sneaker balls, 3 pair x 1 pack

Acquire a pack of these good looking balls and say goodbye to the bad odor in your shoes and gym bag. These tie and die sneaker balls by Sof Sole have amazing functionality. Once placed in the target area, they produce a great scent that replaces the bad odor. Furthermore, they are portable and easy to use.

  • Strengths

    • The balls produce a fresh scent
    • They eliminate shoe and locker odor effectively
    • The pack provides three pairs of ball
  • Weaknesses

    • Some users do not like the scent of the balls
    • They are relatively expensive

Sof Sole sneaker balls shoe, gym bag and locker deodorizer

These balls will help your forget the smelly shoes, locker, and bag troubles that have been haunting you. They are good quality plastic bags that eliminate bad odor in a very short time. The balls are also excellent for destroying odor-causing bacteria. They release a fresh and clean scent that clears your shoes leaving them smelling nice and fresh. These balls can be fitted easily in different kinds of shoes and bags. They are small, lightweight, and portable hence easy to use.

  • Strengths

    • The balls come in three pairs
    • They are easy to use
    • They produce and fresh and clean scent
    • They work as promised by the manufacturer
  • Weakness

    • There are users who do not like the scent of the balls

TX3 sneaker balls world cup 2014 special edition

The last great pair of balls that you can use to eliminate shoe, locker and bag odor is the World Cup 2014 Special Edition of sneaker balls by TX3. Firstly, these balls are very cheap. However, their low price does not compromise the quality. Just like the expensive balls that you can find in the market today, they produce a fresh scent that is great for shoe deodorizing.

  • Strengths

    • The balls function effectively
    • They are very cheap and good-looking
    • They produce a clean and fresh scent
  • Weaknesses

    • The pack comes with one pair of balls only

 Shoe deodorizing insoles and inserts

Inserts and insoles are great for odor elimination because of their ease of use. Furthermore, they can be used for a relatively longer duration as compared to their alternatives. Most deodorizing shoe insoles are associated with a variety of benefits. Some are excellent for people with sweaty feet because they prevent sweating. Sweaty feet introduce the bacterial that causes shoe odor in shoes. Other benefits that can be derived from shoe insoles include increased blood circulation and comfort.  There are different types of deodorizing shoe inserts and insoles. The common ones include; inserts and insoles containing activated carbon and charcoal, ultra-absorbent insoles , treated or biocide insoles, cedar wood inserts and insoles, ionized, aromatherapy and soakless insoles. The table below provides an overview of the best inserts and insoles that are available in the market today.

Dr. Scholl’s odor-x odor fighting insoles

These insoles will eliminate the embarrassing odor that has been making your shoes unbearable in no time. Although the insoles are thin, they are made of a layer that contains activated charcoal. Its work is to absorb and neutralize bad odor. The insoles keep the feet fresh by absorbing sweat and moisture that accelerates the building up of unpleasant odor. They have high quality foam that enhances foot comfort and protection. The insoles deodorizing effect is excellent and it keeps the shoes smelling fresh for a long time.

  • Strengths

    • They keep the shoes smelling fresh
    • The insoles absorb sweat and moisture from the shoes
    • They enhance foot protection and comfort
  • Weaknesses

    • The insoles are quite thin
    • They wear out after a short period

ZEDARNA ORIGINAL cedar wood shoe insoles

Don’t loss hope yet if you have not tried Zedarna stink killer. This amazing product will change your shoe and feet experience permanently. The insoles are made of natural cedar wood. The cedar wood tree is known for its numerous health benefits and pleasant fragrance. It is commonly used in the perfumery and cosmetic industries. Zedarna insoles are rich in antibacterial and sweat absorbing properties. Accordingly, the absorb moisture from the feet and kill the bacteria that causes foot odor.

  • Strengths

    • The insoles inhibit the growth of bacteria in shoes
    • They keep the feet dry by absorbing moisture and sweat
    • The insoles are good-looking
    • They eliminate bad shoe and foot odor
    • The insoles produce a lovely cedar scent
  • Weaknesses

    • There are individuals who do not like the cedar wood scent
    • The insoles are relatively expensive

CedarFresh natural shoe deodorizer

These easy to use cotton punches are filled with cedar shavings that will leave your feet and shoes feeling and smelling fresh. They are great for smelly shoes, gym bags and drawers. Besides eliminating bad odor, they protect shoes from the micro-organisms that cause bad odor. Household essentials cotton punches are also used to maintain shoe shape. Lastly, they are lightweight, and potable. They can be used anywhere, any time.

  • Strengths

    • Great for bad odor elimination
    • The smell is quite long-lasting
    • Good for moisture reduction in shoes
  • Weaknesses

    • Some users do not like the cedar smell

Foot and shoe deodorizing powder

Food powders are used to deodorize the feet, shoes, and shoe accessories. Normally, they are applied on the toes and other parts of the foot or added into shoes and socks. They contain components that are rich in antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties. The properties are responsible for destroying the bacteria that causes foot odor.  Most of them have a fresh and clean scent to improve the smell of shoes and feet. Check the best shoe and feet powders in the table below.

SENSE All natural smelly foot & shoe powder

Sense All is an excellent shoe deodorizer.  It leaves the feet and shoes smelling fresh and clean. In fact, the reputation of the product is unbeatable.  Sense All will not only neutralize the bad smell in your shoes, it will also destroy the bacteria that is causing the smell.  It can be used it all types of shoes and different kinds of athletic equipment. All its ingredients are free from toxins and safe

  • Strengths

    • Effective for odor elimination
    • Lasts for a long time
    • Destroys bacterial agents
  • Weaknesses

    • Some users do not like its scent

Friendly Foot shoe deodorizer and disinfectant

Friendly Foot shoe deodorizer and disinfectant never disappoints. It is one of the most effective foot and shoe powders available in the market today. The powder is made of essential oils and mineral compounds that moisturize the feet and eliminate bad odor in smelly shoes. The ingredients are rich in antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral properties. They destroy bacteria and other odor causing agents thereby keeping the feet in a healthy condition. Lastly, Friendly Foot powder is great for balancing the shoe PH. In other words, it creates a conducive environment for the feet.

  • Strengths

    • Eliminates odor
    • Destroys bacteria and other micro-organisms
    • Keeps the feet in good condition
    • Has a great smell
  • Weaknesses

    • The scent relatively weak

Rocket Pure natural lemon foot and shoe deodorizing powder

Rocket Pure powder is another fantastic product for treating smelly feet and shoes. It works well with all kinds of shoes.  Besides keeping the feet and shoes fresh, Rocket Pure powder eliminates moisture and the bacteria that causes foot odor.  The manufacturers have used natural ingredients. The product does not contain any hidden parabens and chemicals.

  • Strengths

    • Eliminates foot odor
    • Has moisture wicking properties
    • Destroys odor causing bacteria
  • Weaknesses

    • Some users are not fond of its smell

Lumi Outdoors natural powder shoe and foot odor eliminator

Lumi Outdoors provides you with a great feet experience. The powder has a natural lemongrass scent. It is rich in properties that eliminate foot odor and the agents that cause it. The main ingredients of the powder include; sodium bicarbonate, zinc oxide, corn starch, arrowroot powder, bentonite clay, and kaolin clay.  Sodium bicarbonate is a natural deodorant. Furthermore, it is associated with anti-fungal, and skin exfoliating properties.  Arrowroot powder is great for moisture elimination. Its anti-inflammatory, soothing, and antiseptic properties reduce rashes and sores in the feet. Kaolin clay is mainly used to help people with dry skin. It keeps the skin healthy and soft. Furthermore, it is as natural deodorant.  Bentonite clay has been used in the product because of its antibacterial, and calming effects.  It is commonly used in products that treat eczema.  Zinc oxide and corn starch are natural deodorants. They eliminate moisture and sooth the skin.  Lumi powder should be applied generously to clean dry toes and feet. It should also be added in clean shoes and socks

  • Strengths

    • Works effectively as promised by the manufacturer
    • Keeps the feet in a healthy condition
    • Eliminates bacteria
  • Weaknesses

    • The scent of the product is not strong enough

Shoe deodorizing and drying machines

Shoe deodorizing and drying machines are electric gadgets that are used to sanitize, dry and deodorize shoes and shoe accessories. Most of the high quality machines are very effective and they can also destroy the bacteria that causes foot odor. Drying machines work by producing heat to eliminate moisture and bacteria from footwear. Check the table below for fantastic dryers.

Youngstore shoe deodorizing dryer

Youngstore dryer is a top-notch shoe deodorizer that provides you with multiple benefits.  It is enhanced with UV sterilization function to provide the feet with a better environment. Furthermore, it eliminates moisture and bad odor effectively.  It can be used with all types of shoes. It is also good for drying gloves and socks. You can control factors such as temperature and time.

  • Strengths

    • Eliminates odor and moisture
    • Can be used to dry shoes, gloves and socks
    • It allows the user to control time
  • Weaknesses

    • Relatively expensive

7TECH 1 pair shoes-dryer

7TECH electric shoe dry and deodorizer is an excellent pick. It is great for smelly and wet shoes.  It is fitted with openings that allow it to distribute heat evenly. It is very easy to use and it dries shoes in a short period.

  • Strengths

    • Eliminates odor
    • Easy to use
    • Great for drying footwear
  • Weaknesses

    • Quite pricey

Vivreal home boot dryer

This is one of the best products that you can use to eliminate odor, bacteria, and moisture from your shoes.  It can be used to dry and deodorize all types of shoes and shoe accessories.  The dryer destroys bacterial and mold during the shoe drying process. Its accessories are easy to remove and fit back. Most importantly, it comes with a two-year warranty.

  • Strengths

    • Eliminates odor and bacteria
    • Great for drying shoes
  • Weaknesses

    • It can take a whole night to dry up completely wet shoes

EEDDRACC shoe dryer

This shoe dryer will eliminate odor and sanitize your shoes at the same time. It is easy to use and you can control the temperature to prevent overheating. In addition, it distributes the heat evenly to the footwear thereby providing even drying.

  • Strengths

    • Dries shoes and shoe accessories
    • Eliminates odor
    • Easy to use
  • Weaknesses

    • Takes a lot of time to dry wet shoes

Causes of Foot and Shoe Odor

Although foot odor is not a major problem for many people, for some it is a big deal. Bacteria is the primary cause of foot odor. When the feet are inside a pair of shoes, they create a good environment for bacteria to thrive.  Micrococcus sp., Corynebacteria and Staphylococcus sp. are the three types of bacteria associated with foot odor.  Once inside the shoes, they engage in metabolic activities by using long chain fatty acids released through sweating.

The second problem that can cause foot odor is lack of ventilation. Athletes and people who engage in energy intensive activities sweat a lot. There are also people who sweat a lot despite the nature of their lifestyle. When the sweat accumulates in their shoes for some time, it begins to produce an unpleasant smell.  Sweat also makes the shoes wet. Moist shoes are known for harboring the bacteria that causes athletic foot.

If you have tried different shoe deodorizers without success, try the following home remedies and watch out for the results.

Sometimes you might try different foot and shoe odor eliminating strategies unsuccessfully. In this case, consult your health professional for further advice.

Keep calm and say goodbye to smelly shoes 😉