It is hard to think of something more annoying than tangled jewelry.  Think of those moments that you turned up to an event or work at the eleventh hour because of time lost untangling jewelry. They must be more than just a few. Right? All in all, it is never too late for a change. Hanging jewelry organizers are personal ornaments holders that are designed for improved storage. They come in different shapes, sizes, and designs but most importantly, they get the work done perfectly. Of course, there are some that provide better user experience. That is why we have provided a detailed review of the 9 best hanging jewelry organizers that you can find in the market today. We begin by summarizing the items and their features in the table below. We feature the Misslo Jewelry Hanging Non-Woven Organizer as the best hanging organizer because of its incredible features that provide more than enough room for jewelry storage. Furthermore, its price is pocket-friendly.

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SONGMICS 6 LEDs Jewelry Cabinet Lockable Wall Door Mounted Jewelry Armoire Organizer with Mirror 2 Drawers White UJJC93W
  • Well partitioned for better organization of jewelry
  • Lockable, very spacious
  • Fitted with a glass mirror
  • The height can be adjusted
  • Fitted with six LED lights
Misslo Jewelry Hanging Non-Woven Organizer Holder 32 Pockets 18 Hook and Loops
  • Features 23 vinyl pockets
  • 18 hooks and loops
  • The PVC window is transparent
  • Strong Velcro tabs for heavy jewelry
  • Easy to hang
  • Allows orderly organization of jewelry
  • Can accommodate a wide range of accessories at the same time
Plaza Astoria Wall/Door-Mount Jewelry Armoire, Black
  • Full length over the door or wall mounted jewelry organizer
  • Features built in vanity mirror
  • Stores a wide range of jewelry at the same time
  • Can be mounted anywhere
  • Comes with all the necessary hardware for installation
  • The height is adjustable
  • Features well-lined organizational compartments
Homegear Modern Door/Wall Mounted Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Organizer Storage Black
  • Available in black color only
  • Features door and wall mounting hardware
  • Can be mounted on the door or wall
  • Features a ring holder, earrings holder, necklace and bracelet hooks
  • Fitted with shelves for perfumes and watches
  • Chrome plated metal hardware that is easy to clean
Keproch Jewelry Accessories Closet Hanging Storage Organizer with 16 Transparent Pocket Holders
  • Black color
  • Available in two sizes
  • Transparent pockets
  • Pockets designed in different sizes to accommodate a variety of accessories
  • Three layer design
HomeCrate large Decorative Hanging Over the door Jewelry, Belt Organizer, 19 Hooks
  • Available in bronze and white colors
  • Provides a tangle free display
  • Suitable for a wide range of jewelry
  • Constructed with heavy duty metal
  • Over-the-door organizer design
  • Available in three sizes
MetroDecor mDesign Closet Wall Mount Jewelry Accessory Organizer for Storage of Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Earrings, Sunglasses, Wallets – 8 Large Hooks/11 Small Hooks/1 Basket, Pack of 2
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Some colors come in a pack of two
  • Very versatile
  • Wall mount closet organizer
  • Constructed with solid steel wire
  • Measures 15 x 3.25 x 2.75 inches
Firwood Forest Jewelry Organizer, Earring Holder, Necklace Holder, Barnwood Frame, Jewelry Holder, Jewelry Display, Hanging Jewelry Organizer, Wood Jewelry Organizer, Wall Mount Jewelry Holder
  • Handcrafted
  • Made of solid wood
  • Can accommodate a variety of accessories
  • Wall hanging organizer
  • Comes with mounting screws
  • 17 inches wide and 14 inches tall
  • Available in one color only
Hives and Honey Henry IV Walnut Jewelry Armoire
  • Rich antique walnut finish
  • Doors open on the sides to hold a large collection of jewelry
  • Features numerous compartments
  • Very spacious
  • Top opens to reveal a beautiful mirror
  • Measures 39.75 x 17.25 x 11.6 inches
  • Fully assembled
Rustic Wooden Wall Mount Jewelry Organizer for Earrings / Necklaces / Bracelets / Accessories (Rustic - Hooks) By SoCal Buttercup < ul class="features">
  • Designed for a wide range of jewelry
  • Easy to mount on the wall
  • Its size can fit in most closets
  • Good looking
  • Longstem Organizers Over-Door/Wall Jewelry Organizer
    • Fitted with 38 hooks
    • Can hold a wide range of jewelry
    • Partitioned to enhance convenience
    • Easy to use and hang
    Misslo Zippered Jewelry Organizer Hanging For Travel Home Storage 30 Zippered Pockets 17 Loops
    • Features numerous pockets and loops
    • Fitted with zippers to facilitate the safety of the jewelry
    • Easy to fold when travelling
    • Can be hanged anywhere conveniently
    Brotrade Hanging Jewelry Organizer,80 Pocket Organizer For Holding Jewelries
    • Available in multiple colors
    • Double-sided design to maximize usage
    • Transparent PVC window
    • Features a total of 80 pockets
    • Easy to use
    Marcus Mayfield 2 sided Dress Style Hanging Organizer with Satin Hanger for Jewelry and Makeup Accessories
    • Available in black, blue and pink
    • Comes with a satin hanger
    • Can store a variety of accessories at the same time
    LANGRIA LED Lockable Carved Jewelry Armoire Cabinet Free-Standing with Full-Length Mirror with 5 Shelves, Additional Mirror Inside
    • Well partitioned to enhance efficiency
    • Very spacious
    • Features two mirrors
    • Fitted with ten LED lights
    • Tilting design

    SONGMICS 6 LEDs Jewelry Cabinet

    Words cannot describe the elegance of the design of this jewelry organizer sufficiently. SONGMICS cabinet is definitely the topnotch choice if you are purchasing a jewelry organizer as a present for someone you treasure. The cabinet is available in black and brown. Some of its most interesting features include; a lockable wall door, 6 auto lights, a large and well partitioned storage capacity, velvet liner, glass mirror and adjustable heights. The role of the lockable door is to keep jewelry safe. This is essential especially for individuals who live with roommates.  The LED lights power on and off automatically to facilitate the ease of choosing jewelry. They are powered by 3 AAA batteries that are bought separately.

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    The cabinet is partitioned severally to maximize use-ability of the space and for improved organization of jewelry. Overall, the cabinet features six shelves and the door is also partitioned into five useful sections. A large ring cushion is provided where different kinds of accessories can be stored conveniently. A bracelet rod is provided where users arrange all their bracelets.  There are 32 slots for necklaces, 90 slots for hanging earrings and 48 holes for stud earrings.  The inside of the cabinet is lined with soft velvet material that protects jewelry from scratching. The cabinet is fitted with a dressing mirror that is capable of providing full body view. Additionally, it features 3 adjustable heights that come in handy when hanging the cabinet on the wall with screws. With all these benefits, it is obvious that every dime spent on this item is worth it.

    • Strengths

      • Great for a wide range of jewelry
      • Very spacious
      • Features a dressing mirror
      • Fitted with lights that enhance the user experience
      • Provides adequate protection
      • Cute design
    • Weaknesses

      • Quite expensive
      • The cabinet is not deep enough. Once loaded with a lot of makeup, the door might refuse to close

    Misslo Jewelry Hanging Non-Woven Organizer

    Give Misslo jewelry organizer a trial and watch the miracles unfold.  Yes! Despite its ordinary appearance, this organizer is a miracle worker. It can store all kinds of jewelry from necklaces, to bracelets, earrings and hair accessories of all sizes. It is available in two colors that include black and hot pink.  Misslo hanging organizer features two types of jewelry storage and holding features; loop and hook closures, and vinyl pockets. The pockets are 32 in total and they are great for storing jewelry and other accessories that do not require hanging. They are deep enough to accommodate relatively large items.  Furthermore, the pockets are covered with a clear PVC window that allows users to see the items that are stored inside. This means that you do not have to go searching in every pocket when looking for a particular item.

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    The Velcro straps/loops are great for organizing long necklaces. This is where you hang your necklaces each at a time with confidence. They remain displayed properly such that it is possible to spot a specific necklace from a distance.  The size of the organizer is approximately 30 3/4 inch H * 17 1/3 inch W. Accordingly, it easy to hang anywhere in the house or in a closet. Lastly, it has a hole at the top that allows a standard hanger to pass through.

    • Strengths

      • Great for all kinds of jewelry
      • Easy to display. It only requires a standard hanger
      • Features 32 pockets and 18 loops. Accordingly, it can store a lot of jewelry at the same time
      • Reasonable size that fits conveniently in a closet
      • Very affordable
      • Good quality fabric
    • Weaknesses

      • Available in two colors only
      • The design does not contain any extra-ordinary features
      • The pockets are too deep for very small items

    Plaza Astoria Wall/Door-Mount Jewelry Armoire

    This feature rich jewelry holder provides excellent organization for all kinds of jewelry. It is slim, long, and easy to install. Furthermore, it comes with all the necessary installation hardware. Although available in one size, it can fit in small rooms and spaces conveniently. Plaza Astoria wall organizer comes in four beautiful colors that include; black, white, cherry, and oak. This organizer is fitted with a full length dressing mirror and a built-in vanity mirror. These mirrors come in handy during makeup application and full dressing. The interior is partitioned and enhanced to accommodate up to 36 necklaces, 96 rings, and 48 earrings. All styles of jewelry can be organized in this holder conveniently. This armoire measures 48 x 14 x 4.2 inches but the height can be adjusted.

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    • Strengths

      • Very spacious
      • Fitted with two mirrors
      • Well partitioned to accommodate a wide range of jewelry
      • Compact design
      • Easy to use
      • Good looking and easy to install
    • Weaknesses

      • Not well lit in the inside
      • The door/lid does not have a knob

    Homegear Wall Mounted Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet

    This incredible cabinet provides you with an easy solution to your disorganized jewelry. Its size and capacity are perfect allowing you to organize your entire collection. The cabinet features a door or wall mounting design that can fit securely on a 4-6 cm thick door. It comes with the required hardware for mounting and it is lockable. The door is fitted with a real dressing mirror. In the interior, the organizer is lined with soft material to prevent jewelry from getting scratched. The space is divided into smaller sections for organizing rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other valuables. The ring holder is capable of accommodating up to 80 rings whereas the earrings holder has a capacity of up to 60 earrings. There are 48 hooks for necklaces and bracelets and two drawers for other valuables. The cabinet is also fitted with shelves for placing things such as perfumes, watches, sunglasses, scarves, and ties. Homegear jewelry holder features chrome plated metal hardware that is very easy to clean.

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    • Strengths

      • Spacious and well partitioned
      • Lockable and a key is provided
      • Easy to clean
      • Well-made and easy to install
      • Fitted with a great dressing mirror
    • Weaknesses

      • Some sections such as the drawers are quite small

    Keproch Jewelry Hanging Storage Organizer

    Although featuring an oversimplified design, Keproch hanging jewelry organizer keeps all kinds of jewelry neat and untangled. It features a topnotch design and it is made of non-woven polyester fabric. In addition to high resistance to wear and tear, this fabric is abrasion proof. Just like the Misslo organizer, Keproch is fitted with both pockets and loops. The purpose of the pockets is to store items such as earrings, bracelets and watches. A single pocket can store more than two pieces of accessories depending on their size and shape. For example, three or four small bracelets that cannot tangle can be stored in the same pocket.

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    The pockets are covered with a clear material that provides a clear view of the stored accessories. This makes it easier for users to select the jewelry they intend to wear. The loops are good for hanging items such as such as necklaces and loop earrings. The organizer is easy to hang anywhere in the house. It can also be folded when travelling. Overall, this is a good organizer and it comes at a very fair price.

    • Strengths

      • Can be used for a wide range of jewelry
      • Simple design that can be hanged anywhere in the house
      • Ideal for travelling (easy to fold to compact size)
      • Good quality fabric
      • Cheap
    • Weaknesses

      • Limited colors
      • Plain design

    HomeCrate Hanging Over the door Jewelry, Belt Organizer

    This decorative hanging organizer spices up things in your closet with dual functionality. Besides organizing your jewelry collection, it provides enough space for belts.  Overall, it allows users to achieve easily accessible tangle free jewelry display. The organizer is designed with heavy duty metal and it is available in three sizes and two colors. The smallest size has 17 hooks, followed by a medium size of 19 hooks, and the largest has 24 hooks. The available colors are white and bronze. Most of the provided hooks are positioned on the upper side where bracelets, watches, and necklaces should be displayed. The bottom section features a limited number of hooks for displaying belts, ties, and scarfs. Generally, this is very compact and decorative over the door jewelry organizer. It creates an attractive display when organized properly.  Its compact design makes it useful in small storage spaces without creating a cumbersome look.

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    • Strengths

      • Decorative design
      • Constructed with strong and durable material
      • Compact design
      • Easy to use
      • Provides hooks for organizing belts, ties, and scarfs
    • Weaknesses

      • Quite small
      • Available in two colors only

    MetroDecor mDesign Wall Mount Accessory Organizer

    This little accessory organizer is worth more than you spend on it. Additionally, the manufacturers have made the deal even better by providing a set of two for some colors. The organizer is available in a wide range of colors to provide buyers with an opportunity to select their favorite. It is constructed with solid steel wire that features durable rust-resistant coating. MetroDecor organizer is designed for wall mounting and it comes with the necessary hardware. It can also be mounted in the closet. It has a total of 19 hooks where 11 are small and the rest are large. Depending on the size of a hook, you can hang bracelets, necklaces, bangles and scarfs. A storage basket section has been provided to hold items such as watches, sunglasses, perfumes, and wallets.

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    • Strengths

      • Available in a wide range of colors
      • Constructed with high quality material
      • Accommodates a wide range of accessories
      • Simple and compact design
      • Very affordable
      • Provides great organization
    • Weaknesses

      • Not suitable for a large collection of jewelry

    Firwood Forest Jewelry Organizer

    Firwood forest decorous jewelry organizer honors you with super organization and an attractive view. It is characterized by an artistic and modish handcrafted design that can blend well with an array of home furniture. It is firm and sturdy because it is made from solid wood. Its overall dimensions are 17 inches wide and 14 inches tall. The design of this organizer is perfect for dangle earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. However, there is a shelf-like space at the lower section that can be used for displaying perfumes, watches, stud earrings, Hair clips, and other small items such as lipsticks.

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    • Strengths

      • Cute and decorative design
      • Easy to install with mounting hardware provided
      • Sturdy design
      • Accommodates a wide range of accessories
    • Weaknesses

      • Relatively small

    Hives and Honey Henry IV Jewelry Armoire

    Although not a hanging jewelry organizer, we have included this jewelry armoire in our list because of its irresistible features. Its rich antique walnut finish is not only elegant but also easily bendable with commonly used bedroom furniture. The armoire features 8 drawers that are lined with soft anti-tarnish material to keep all kinds of accessories protected. The top lid opens to a high quality vanity mirror that is excellent for makeup application. The sides are fitted with doors that open to extra room for jewelry storage. This is a very spacious jewelry organizer. From the pull out drawers, to further compartments inside them, and extra space on the side panel doors, there is nothing you cannot store in it.

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    • Strengths

      • Classy and sturdy
      • Very spacious
      • Well partitioned to accommodate an array of jewelry
      • Fairly priced
    • Weaknesses

      • The quality leaves room for improvement

    SoCal Buttercup Wooden Wall Jewelry Organizer

    If you prefer wooden hanging jewelry organizers, you just found your BFF.  Everything about this jewelry organizer from the appearance to the design and the storage capacity is awesome. It features four colors that are elegant and classy. The first color is dark brown / espresso that has a dark coffee like finish. You can almost smell the aroma of coffee by just looking at it. The second one can only be described as a rustic color scheme. It provides a feel that appeals to individuals who like plain unsophisticated items. However, it is important to note that the rustic color is much darker than it appears in the picture. The third color is chic green that creates a vintage style. It looks soft and subtle. The last color is white which is simply elegant.

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    The overall design of the organizer is suitable for earrings, bracelets, necklaces and related items. Furthermore, it provides a place where users can place items such as perfumes, watches and body lotions. It features numerous hooks and no matter how large your jewelry collection is, there is enough space for everything. The product comes with screws for mounting it on the wall.  It should be easy to mount in the bathroom, closet, bedroom or any other place around the house. Generally, this is one of the best products that we have reviewed here.  Purchase it with confidence.

    • Strengths

      • Good looking and classy
      • Available in four colors
      • Suitable for a large collection of jewelry
      • Provides a place for storing items such as perfumes and watches
    • Weaknesses

      • The design is not convenient for travelling
      • Relatively expensive for the quality provided

    Longstem Organizers Over-Door

    This is what we call paying less for more. Just like it appears in the image, Longstem over-door accommodates a wide range of jewelry conveniently. Moving on to the design, it is simple and easy to hang in the closet or anywhere in the house.  Overall the organizer features 38 hooks and each hook can hold more than one jewelry. Specially, the product is designed to hold 300+ items at a time.  Once you hang your jewelry on the Longstem organizer, you will be able to see everything at a glance. Therefore, picking a specific item should not be a hustle.

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    Some of the accessories that can be hanged in this organizer include; bracelets, necklaces, earrings, watches, rings and pins. The organizer comes with a pair of door and wall mounts. In addition, it features a removable plastic tray that has six compartments. Lastly, it is available in black and white colors. Most users have found this organizer reliable and easy to use.

    • Strengths

      • Reliable and easy to use
      • Accommodates numerous items at the same time
      • Features door and wall mounts
    • Weaknesses

      • Available in two colors only
      • Quite big (you need to have a spacious closet if that is where you intend to hang it)

    Misslo Zippered Jewelry Organizer

    Look no further if travelling is one of your hobbies. You can go anywhere with this organizer without worrying about damaged jewelry.  All that is required is to fold it nicely and pack it in your travelling bag.  Firstly, this organizer is two-sided. On one side, it is fitted with 30 pockets and on the other 17 hooks. You can place items such as earrings, rings and bracelets in the pockets. Each raw of pockets features a zipper that keeps jewelry safe and secure.

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    The loops are great for necklaces. Other important features include non-woven fabric, 4 buttons, Transparent PVC cover, and the overall size (31 inches by 17 inches).  The organizer is made of non-woven fabric. It is soft and damage resistant. The PVC cover provides a clear view of the items that are put inside the pockets for easy access. The buttons are fitted for easy closing and opening of the organizer. Lastly, the sizing dimensions are quite small for easy transportation during travelling.

    • Strengths

      • Great for travelling
      • Provides numerous pockets and loops
      • Pocket-friendly
      • Can be used to store a wide range of jewelry
    • Weaknesses

      • Requires fabric improvement
      • Can be so large when travelling with a handful of jewelry

    Brotrade Hanging Jewelry Organizer

    Brotrade organizer is another jewelry holder that is worth your investment.  Its numerous storage pockets will make you say a thousand thanks to yourself for a great choice and to the manufacturers for an incredible product. This is one of the few organizers that are available in multiple colors. The wide color range provides you with room for selecting your favorite. The organizer is two sided with both sides featuring 40 pockets. The pockets are safe and secure, and it is hard to loose even the smallest piece of jewelry. Furthermore, they are covered with a clear PVC window that provides a clear vision of the inside content. Accordingly, it is very easy to pick the right jewelry.

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    Brotrade organizer is designed to rotate 360 degrees for improved user experience.  In addition, it comes with a hanger and it can be hanged anywhere in the house. The dimensions of the organizer are 16.5″ W X 31″ H. Overall, this organizer is great especially for individuals with numerous earrings and bracelets.

    • Strengths

      • Available in a variety of colors
      • Provides numerous storage pockets
      • Easy to use
    • Weaknesses

      • Does not have any loops for long accessories such as pendants
      • Flimsy hanger
      • The quality of the fabric requires improvement
      • The pockets do not have a zipper

    Marcus Mayfield Hanging Organizer

    It is not too late to spice up your closet with this very chic jewelry organizer.  It features a dress design and it is available in a wide range of colors. Marcus organizer is two sided. One side is fitted with loops while the other is made of pockets that are covered with a clear material. The 27 pockets are excellent for storing items such as earrings, rings and bracelets. It is possible to see the stored items at a glance. The 18 Velcro loops are designed for larger and longer items such as pendants.

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    The jewelry organizer comes with a cute satin hanger. The hanger allows users to hang the organizer on walls and other places easily. The organizer is large enough. Its dimensions are; 36 in. long, 12 in. waist, 17.5 in. bottom. The pockets are also deep enough to store more than one accessory at a time.  Their dimensions are; 3.5 in. wide x 2.5 in. high. Although this jewelry organizer is made of very light and thin fabric, the quality is good. It does not get damaged easily.

    • Strengths

      • Great for storing a wide range of jewelry (Features both pockets and loops)
      • Available in multiple colors
      • A hanger is included
      • The size of the pockets is reasonable
    • Weaknesses

      • Very thin fabric
      • The hanger is relatively small

    LANGRIA LED Lockable Jewelry Holder

    The last item on our list is the Langaria jewelry organizer. The product features a great design that brings together a wide range of storage features. The manufacturer provides the product in espresso and white colors. Firstly, the cabinet is lockable and the interior of both the door and the cabinet are partitioned into several compartments. The compartments enhance the process of organizing jewelry. In total, there are 110 slots for storing earrings, and 36 hooks for necklaces and bracelets. The rest of the space is great for storing makeup, nail polishes and other types of jewelry. The cabinet features two mirrors. On mirror is positioned on the side of the cabinet while the other one is fitted in the upper interior.

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    The outer mirror serves best as a dressing mirror whereas the inner one can only be used as makeup mirror. Just above the makeup mirror, the cabinet is fitted with ten LED lights that provide lighting in the cabinet. They are great especially during makeup application.  It is also easier to locate jewelry with the lights on. To power the lights, users are required to buy 3 AAA batteries. The full mirror is very easy to use. Firstly, the cabinet should be closed. After that, it can be tilted in three different angles depending on the requirements of the user.

    • Strengths

      • Great wooden design
      • Large and spacious
      • Capable of storing a wide range of jewelry and accessories
      • Features two mirrors
    • Weaknesses

      • The batteries for the lights are not included
      • Not very sturdy

    The importance of Hanging Jewelry Organizers

    Prevent Tangling: Jewelry organizers are very important. They provide a solution to tangling, breakage and other challenges that are possible to encounter when jewelry is not stored carefully.

    Loss Prevention: It is very possible to lose jewelry in the house. In most cases, women find themselves losing one earing or just a single piece of a jewelry.  However, with an elaborate organizing system, this challenge can be prevented.

    Travelling: Jewelry organizers make it easier to travel with jewelry. They provide a place for packing small items such as earrings, rings, hairclips, and bracelets.

    Protection of treasured items: There are some jewelries that individuals receive from important people such as parents and grandparents. Losing such items can be heartbreaking. Jewelry organizers offer adequate security and protection to such items.

    Time saving: Jewelry organizers are time savers.  It is very possible to spend time untangling jewelry or looking for something like a single earing every now and then with improper storage and handling.

    Decorative purposes: Some jewelry organizers are very elegant and good looking. They are characterized by numerous loops and pockets, great colors and mirrors. They look so good and artistic when positioned strategically in the bedroom, bathroom or closet.

    Proper display of jewelry:  For individuals who have a large collection of jewelry, an organizer is fundamental for proper display. It is quite difficult to look for a single piece of jewelry when a lot of them are cluttered in one place.

    hanging jewelry organizers

    Factors to Consider when Buying Hanging Jewelry Organizers

    Size: Some jewelry organizers are larger than others. Depending on the intended purpose and the size of your jewelry collection, always ensure that you select the right size for you.

    Purpose: All jewelry organizers do not serve the same purpose. For example, some are better for storing necklaces while others are great for earrings. Similarly, some are great for home use while others are excellent for travelling. If you intend to put your entire collection in one place, purchase an organizer that provides space for all types of jewelry.

    Dimensions: Some jewelry organizers are very large in size and cannot fit in a standard closet. Always look at the dimensions to avoid making the wrong decision.

    Cost: In most cases, the cost is influenced by factors such as size, features and the overall design of the organizer. It is possible to find a wall jewelry organizer with as little as $10 whereas at the same time, there are others that cost beyond $100.

    Design features: The most simplified designs of jewelry organizers feature pockets only. However, it is important to look at characteristics such as loops, hooks, color, hangers, and material. Mostly, more detailed designs offer better user experience.

    Nature of jewelry: Your jewelry collection should guide you in selecting the best jewelry organizer.  For example, if your collection features a lot of necklaces, look for an organizer that has numerous loops.