The 10 Best Closet Organizers Reviewed

Closets have a way of always getting messy and disorganized. And since human beings are forever imaginative and progressive, they developed closet organizing systems. Closet organizers are very important especially for individuals that like to keep their clothes, shoes and accessories tidy. Mostly, women derive the most value from closet organizers because for them shopping beats therapy. It doesn’t matter whether a woman has enough of clothes and shoes, she keeps looking for more. In this article, we review the best closet organizers available in the market today. From Closetmaid to Ikea and other reputable brands, we bring you the best in terms of features, design, quality and price. Check out the table below for an overview of the 10 best closet organizers.

ProductImageFeaturesEditor's RatingBuy Here
SimpleHouseware 5 Shelves Hanging Closet Organizer The size can fit conveniently in a standard closet (wired closet rack), features five shelves and six side pockets , fitted with two hooks for hanging in a closet rod, available in grey and bronze colors
Rubbermaid Configurations Deluxe Custom Closet Organizer System Kit Available in titanium color, expandable adjustable shelves, features a wide range of closet kits, fits in a walk-in closet well
Ikea 701.089.12 Komplement Multi-use hanger Designed to hold different kinds of clothing accessories, can hold at least 28 items at ago, easy to hand wash, fits well in a standard closet
Seville Classics Expandable Closet Organizer System Expandable design, features five shelves on each tower, made with strong steal wire, coated with zinc coating, the size of the shelves is adjustable, available in four colors
SimpleHouseware Closet Underwear Organizer Drawer Divider 4 Set Designed to organize accessories such as socks and underwear, made with mold-proof non-woven fabric, the set consists of four bins
Whitmor Double Rod Closet Silver color, the bottom garment rod is removable for storage of long clothes such as dresses and gowns, Ideal for storing all types of clothes, the organizer features resin connectors
ClosetMaid 22875 ShelfTrack 5ft. to 8ft. Adjustable Closet Organizer Kit Very spacious, the kit provides features such as shelf brackets, hang track, closet rods and standard, all installation hardware is provided, features vinyl coated steel
MAGINELS Portable Closet Clothes Wardrobe Bedroom Armoire Storage Organizer with Doors 25 Cube White Closet Very spacious, well partitioned for different kinds of clothes, water-proof panels, easy to hand clean, stainless steel frames, white in color
Ikea Organizer Closet Storage Hanging Skubb (2 Pack) Black Available in black and white colors, fitted with a hook and loop fastener for easy hanging, divided into several compartments
DecoBros Supreme 23 Loop Scarf / Belt / Tie Organizer Hanger Holder Features 23 storage compartments, great for accessories such as ties belts and scarfs, constructed with durable metal

SimpleHouseware 5 Shelves Hanging Closet Organizer

All factors considered from price to quality, design and usability, SimpleHouseware closet organizer is a firm favorite. The organizer is constructed with high quality material and the overall design is firm and strong. It is available in bronze color only and comes in two designs. The first one features five shelves while the second one has six. The shelves are sturdy and great for organizing different kinds of clothes and accessories. The sides are fitted with three mesh pockets each. The side pockets are suitable for slippers and items such as neatly folded scarfs and inner wears. The closet system is fitted with 2 hooks for hanging on a closet rod. Generally, this is a great organizing system and its size is reasonable.

  • Strengths

    • Simple design
    • Sturdy
    • Good looking color
    • Very affordable
  • Weaknesses

    • Available in one color only
    • The size is relatively small

Rubbermaid Configurations Organizer System

The meticulous design of this closet organizer offers great user experience.  This is one of the few organizers that offer space for almost all kinds of clothes, shoes and accessories.  It comes with a variety of pieces and accessories to ensure that the entire closet space is utilized effectively. Adjustable shelves, telescoping rods, top rails, uprights and uprights extensions among others assist with significantly improved closet organization. Furthermore, they are easy to install and adjust. Depending on your desired outlook, it is possible to clear out the entire mess in your closet.

  • Strengths

    • Very affordable
    • Easy to install
    • Numerous amazing features
    • Easy to adjust
  • Weaknesses

    • The organizer is not deep enough

Ikea 701.089.12 Komplement Multi-use hanger

Ikea hanging closet organizer is great for accessories such as scarfs, ties and belts. Firstly, the organizer is available in grey and white colors. It is fitted with a hanger that only takes a very small space in the closet.  As a result, it is possible to use these organizer with others. The hanger features 28 holes and each hole can hold more than one item. The dimensions of its height and width are Height: 33 1/2″ (85 cm) and Width: 17 ” (43 cm) respectively. Acquire this sturdy and decorative hanging organizer and without any doubts, you will not regret.

  • Strengths

    • Capable of holding very many clothing accessories all at once
    • Sturdy
    • Very easy to use
    • Cheap
    • Can be hanged on the wall
  • Weaknesses

    • Available in two colors only

Seville Classics Expandable Organizer System

Seville Classics organizer is a top-notch product that will help you improve the condition of your wardrobe significantly. The design features two long towers that are joined together by sturdy hanging rods. The hanging rods are adjustable for convenience purposes. They can be used to make the system organizer smaller so that it can fit well in a closet. Alternatively, they can be adjusted to create extra storage room. Each tower features four storage shelves that are constructed with firm steel wire that is lined with plastic materials to prevent clothes and other items from falling through.  The steel wire is plated with zinc to prevent corrosion.  The size the shelves is adjustable. It can be increased up to 1”. Overall, all the accessories of the system organizer are easy to assemble together. The organizer can be mounted on the wall and it comes with the necessary hardware for that purpose. All the items that are necessary for the complete assembled organizer include: 2 expandable rods, 8 plastic shelf liners, 48 pairs of slip sleeves, 8 shelves, 2 top shelves, 4 screws, 8 leveling feet, 4 u-sleeves, and 4 rod brackets.   According to the manufacturer’s information, the overall dimensions of the system are 58″ W (expandable up to 83″) x 14″ D x 72″ H. Each shelve can hold up to a capacity of 100 lbs. Seville Classics organizer system comes with a ten year warranty.

  • Strengths

    • Very spacious
    • High quality and sturdy
    • Easy to assemble
    • Improves closet organization significantly
    • Adjustable to different sizes
  • Weaknesses

    • Does not work well with very long items

SimpleHouseware Closet Underwear Organizer Drawer

Although this might appear like a small closet organizer, it works perfectly for clothing accessories such as panties, bras, socks and lingerie. Small items such as socks get misplaced easily and on a bad day one can be forced to disorganize the entire bedroom looking for them. The drawer divider comes in a set of four sturdy organizers. They are constructed with mold-proof non-woven fabric. You can arrange specific items in each drawer or use two of the drawers for clean items while the other two for the dirty ones. The drawers are available in gray and brown colors.

  • Strengths

    • Great for organizing clothing accessories
    • Very affordable
    • Comes in a set of four
  • Weaknesses

    • Relatively small. Large bras have to be folded to fit in
    • Available in two colors only

Whitmor Double Rod Closet Organizer

Whitmor Double Rod Freestanding Closet is one of the few organizers that can be used with or without a closet. For people without a closet, it can be placed strategically somewhere in the bedroom.  It is excellent for organizing clothes, shoes and accessories and its large and well partitioned space provides room for a large collection of items.  Whitmor freestanding closet is made with strong steel and resin connectors that allow it to hold substantial weight without getting damaged. It features a double rod closet design (hanging bars), five shelves in the storage rack and a removable bottom rod.  According to the manufacturer’s information, the approximate assembled dimensions are 19.50″ x 45.38″ x 68.00″. The hanging bars provides enough room for hanging clothes such as coats, jackets, skirts and trousers.  The wire shelves provide enough space for storing folded clothes, accessories and shoes.  Use a damp cloth to clean this closet organizer.

  • Strengths

    • Easy to assemble and move around the house
    • Relatively cheap
    • Can be used to store a lot of items
  • Weaknesses

    • Not strong enough. Can fall apart easily when used to organize a lot of heavy items.

ClosetMaid 22875 ShelfTrack Closet Organizer Kit

This organizing kit will provide you with the experience you have been looking for. Its ability to bring together all types of clothes and clothing accessories in an organized manner is commendable. It is fitted with multiple rods and partitioned into small spaces for enhanced user experience. The kit is made of hanging rods, brackets, support rod, and wire shelving. All these parts are easy to install because the necessary hardware is provided. The kit is suitable for people with closets that range between 4 and 8 feet wide.  The hanging space ranges between 96-132 inches whereas the shelf space ranges between 144 and 216 inches.  Since the kit is constructed with Vinyl coated steel, it is sturdy and durable.

  • Strengths

    • Easy to install
    • Accommodates a wide range of items
    • Sturdy and durable
    • Works as advertised
  • Weaknesses

    • The installation instructions are difficult to understand
    • Relatively small shelves

MAGINELS Portable Closet System

MAGINELS portable closet organizer is partitioned into multiple spaces to provide users with ample space for hanging different types of clothes. Each section is spacious and can accommodate numerous clothes on the hanging rod and at the bottom section.  Overall each cube is supposed to hold a total of 22 lbs.  The design of the wardrobe can be customized to suit personal needs.  It is constructed with resin composite materials, stainless steel and the connectors are made with ABS plastic material. It is available in white color only. Lastly, the panels are waterproof and the entire closet is dust-resistant.

  • Strengths

    • Large, portable and spacious closet
    • Good looking and clean
    • Accommodates quite a lot of items
  • Weaknesses

    • Not perfect. The quality requires some improvement
    • Available in white color only

Ikea Organizer Hanging Skubb

The main strength of this hanging closet organizer is its quality. Since it is constructed with firm polyester material, its performance does not disappoint. You can arrange shoes or clothes in all the compartments with confidence.  The organizer is fitted with a hook and loop fastener so that it can be hanged on the closet rod easily. Its narrow design takes up just a small part of the closet. Several of these skubbs can be hanged in one closet. It is available in black and white colors.

    • The many compartments can be used to store a variety of items
    • Easy to store or hang on the closet rode
    • Available in two colors
    • Very affordable
    • Sturdy
  • Weaknesses

    • A bit narrow

DecoBros Supreme Hanger Holder

If you want to keep your scarfs, belts and ties in order, Decobros hanger holder features 23 loops and each of them can hold more than one item. The hanger is constructed with strong metal that holds a lot of weight without bending or falling apart.  It is easy to use and ensures that items do not get wrinkled.

  • Strengths

    • Easy to use
    • Accommodates a lot of scarfs
    • Very affordable
    • Sturdy
  • Weaknesses

    • Does not work so well with belts and ties

The Importance of Closet Organizers

Closets are storage units that are mostly found in homes and other places where people store clothes and costumes. Since people interact with them daily when changing clothes or storing clothes back after laundry, they easily get cluttered. This state of despair destroys the condition of clothes through wrinkling, dirt and tangling.  Sometimes, it also becomes very difficult to find small items.

Clutter makes closet space appear smaller than its actual size.  Closet organizers were invented to provide a solution to these challenges. Besides ensuring that closet space is utilized appropriately, they give clothes a neat and tangle-free appearance. Depending on the design of an organizing system, different levels of organization can be achieved. For example, organizers that provide multiple compartments and shelves allow users to sort out different items and arrange them in a manner that allows easier retrieval.  It is easier to save time (especially for the early birds) when each item is in its place.

Undoubtedly, all home owners desire features that keep each of their rooms looking as good as new. Closet organizers have the ability to make a clothing room appear neat and organized.  They make more clothes and clothing accessories fit in a closet. They also provide spaces for arranging items such as shoes and handbags.

Factors to Consider When Buying Organizing Systems

Design: It does not matter whether a closet organizer is large or small, if it is poorly designed, it will not eliminate the clutter and mess.  A well designed closet system makes the available storage space appear larger by more than 20%.  Furthermore, it allows users to store similar and related items in one place. For example, you can arrange all your work clothes in compartment A and your sports apparel in compartment B.  A properly designed organizer increases the level of satisfaction by serving its purpose right. Poor designs can make buyers feel like they wasted their money.

Price: Firstly, look around the market and determine the prevailing price of your target closet. Different competitors manufacture almost similar products making it possible to tell the most reasonable price for a particular product.  Dig further and analyze whether the price is reasonable for the value that the product promises.  Be keen or you might end up feeling robbed. Research on brand quality to ensure that you do not pay more for flimsy closet organizer.  Lastly, consider your budget. Do not overstrain. There is something for everyone.

Brand: Brand is a very important factor to consider when purchasing any product. Ikea and Closetmaid are the most reputable manufacturers of closet organizers. However, compare their product reviews with those of upcoming brands before making the final decisions. Sometimes reputable manufacturers take advantage of their big names to overprice products.

Size: When purchasing a closet organizer, always consider its size and that of your closet. Sometimes you might buy an organizing system that does not fit well in your closet.  If your preference is small organizing systems, choose the ones that will provide you with the most value. If you do not have a closet, there are organizers that can be used independently. Always check the specifications and features of each product keenly.

Personal needs: Your needs are the best buyer guide. They enable you to choose the product that serves you best. For example, if all you need is to organize scarfs, there is no need for buying an organizer that accommodates all kinds of clothes.

Quality: Do a research on quality. There are plenty of reviews online. Avoid sites where people are paid to post positive reviews.

Appearance:  A decent organizer keeps your closet classy and presentable.

Warranty: A decent warranty is fundamental especially when you are purchasing a relatively expensive organizing system.

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